Fort Wayne, Indiana Family FAM Tour: Children’s Zoo @fwkidszoo @VisitFortWayne #VisitFortWayne #travelblogger

I received a hotel stay and tickets to all the below accommodations to help facilitate this review.

This past Friday my family and I were invited to visit Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Family FAM Tour.

We had so much fun that I couldn’t fit it all in one post.  The majority of our time was spend at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo so I decided to devote an entire post to it.

The zoo is divided into 4 main parts:

African Journey:

 Along the comfortable and accessible path, see zebras, wildebeest, vultures, and ostrich grazing on the grassy savannah. Next, enter the kopje rock formations to discover spotted hyenas, bat-eared foxes, honey badgers, banded mongoose, and servals. And, of course, experience the thrill of being nose to nose with the 400-pound king of beasts, the African lion!

Step into the shady African village where you will encounter de Brazza’s and colobus monkeys, lovebirds, and the spectacular leopard. Climb our 14-foot-platform to feed the reticulated giraffes – a totally unique experience you won’t want to miss!


Australian Adventure

The Australian Adventure is completely remodeled! You’ll begin your adventure at the Train Station, where you’ll cross the tracks and enter the new plaza.

Visit The Reef where you will find clownfish, a zebra moray eel, puffer fish, and more in this 20,000-gallon aquarium. Next on your trip is the 50,000 gallon shark aquarium which includes blacktip reef sharks, a zebra shark, and schooling fish!

Stingray Bay is sure to amaze you with close encounters!

See Australia’s feathery finest as you explore the three new aviaries. Look for cockatiels, parrots, lorikeets, egrets, and more.

Mix with our mob of eastern grey kangaroos – sometimes they hop right across the path! Don’t miss a glimpse of the dingoes hiding in the tall grass as you conclude your Australian Adventure.

Indonesian Rain Forest

Begin your adventure in Dr. Diversity’s Research Station and encounter the rare Komodo dragon, the giant stick and walking leaf insects, an aquarium teeming with tentacled snakes, and our reticulated python — all 18 feet of him!

Next, enter the domed jungle where you will discover colorful birds, turtles, and frogs enjoying their tropical paradise — complete with a waterfall. Don’t miss Orangutan Valley where you can get nose-to-nose with endangered Sumatran orangutans.

Continue your trek at Tiger Forest where the endangered Sumatran tigers prowl. Next, journey down Tree Top Trail to see rare Javan gibbons and other unique rain forest creatures. Don’t miss the Kids’ Tree House!

Central Zoo

Stop at Monkey Island, where you’ll be entertained by the antics of the capuchin monkeys. Or, head straight for Sea Lion Beach, where you can catch feeding demonstrations at 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM daily. Next door, visit the curious and catch a parade of penguins taking a refreshing plunge!

Other Central Zoo favorites include river otters, penguins, lemurs, and red pandas. At the Indiana Family Farm, you can brush a goat, meet a cow, and pump water from the well. Kids will also enjoy Little Poof, the pony rides, and our 1860?s miniature train ride.




Endangered Species Carousel:  This magical carousel depicts endangered animals from Southeast Asia. Children and adults alike will enjoy a spin on one of these colorful creatures set to nostalgic organ music.    


Sky Safari Ride:   Put your toes in the treetops as you glide 38 feet into the air! Get a bird’s eye view of lions, zebras, wildebeest, and ostrich in the African Journey exhibit.               


Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride:  G’day, mates! Climb into your own dugout canoe and explore The Outback. You’ll observe the life cycle of a crocodile while you float past dingoes and our mob of eastern grey kangaroos.  Sit back and enjoy this relaxing canoe ride – no paddling required!

Pony Trail: A ride on one of the zoo’s gentle ponies brings a smile to every child’s face. Have your camera ready as the pony strolls the ring with your child on board! Each pony has an engraved silver nameplate on its bridle, so be sure to find out your pony’s name when you ride.

Z.O.&O. Railroad: Hop on board our miniature train at the zoo train station. The shiny red engine pulls four passenger cars past the Indiana Family Farm, through a tunnel, and along the shore of Shoaff Lake. The train is a handcrafted, scaled replica of an original 1863 C. P. Huntington locomotive       



My take:  Even though the weather was not ideal, a little rain did not stop us from exploring this great city!  We voted and our number one choice to explore was the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  We spent 5 hours and thoroughly examined this fantastic zoo.  Our entire family had such a great time viewing the animals and taking part in numerous activities.  The kids are still talking about petting the stingrays, feeding a giraffe, riding a pony and all the gorgeous birds showing us their beautiful feathers.  This zoo is so interactive that the time just flies by as you explore.  

The food was plentiful and had numerous choices.  We ate lunch at Ray’s Barefoot Grill which offered burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, cold drinks, and more.  No one left lunch hungry and they had daily specials in addition to their regular offered selections.  As we were getting ready to leave, the exercise of walking this large zoo left us a little hungry.  We each chose a snack from Matilda’s Ice Cream Shop and were refreshed thanks to the Dole Whip Floats, Strawberry Ice Cream, Icee Drinks and popcorn.