Here is a list of questions (along with the answers) that we have received over the past year.

Who is MommyPR?

  • We are 5 women that have joined together to create MommyPR.  We specialize in product reviews and giveaways.  However that is not all we do!  We also offer blogger screening services, advertising, marketing, press releases, campaign coordinating and many other services.  Email us for specifics and please check out our bio page for more detailed information about each of us.

How much do you charge for reviews?

  • We do not charge for reviews over $25 but we do require that a (full size) sample product be provided so that we can give a first hand and thorough review of your product. If your review is under $25 we do charge a small fee.
  • IPad/IPod/IPhone applications are priced per post (you can have several apps within a post if you like) with or without a review.

Why do you recommend offering a giveaway?

  • We highly recommend offering a giveaway to run along with the product review.  Offering a giveaway will maximize traffic to your site and offer you the best possible exposure for you product.  It also gives us the opportunity to promote your product using various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Prizey.net, Blog Frog, Online-Sweepstakes.com and other giveaway sites.

Can we send you the review product and then have you offer it for the giveaway after you have tested it?

  • Absolutely not!   Review products will not be returned (unless agreed upon in advance, under special circumstances) and new, unused products must be offered as a giveaway.  Exceptions are made for companies that offer refurbished or reconditioned products, as long as it is disclosed in advance.

Can you provide me with the email addresses of everyone that entered my giveaway?

  • We can only provide email addresses if it is disclosed in the conditions of the giveaway.  We take the confidentiality of our readers very seriously and have committed to them that we will not share their contact information without their approval.

What will you do if you do not like my product?

  • If  for some reason we do not like the product, or have a problem with it, we will offer you the option to have us try another product, post the review as is, or not post at all.   All reviews posted on our site will be our honest opinion and experience.

Can I send the giveaway products to you along with the review product?

  • No, all products must be shipped directly to the winners.

How do you choose your winners?

  • Once the giveaway has closed, winners are drawn using the wordpress plugin “and the winner is“.  Winners will be notified by email or twitter and given 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

What if the winner does not respond?

  • As of January 2010, all unclaimed prizes go to a charity of our choice.

What are your prices?

  • You may contact us privately to discuss prices and current turn around time.

Do you have a list of clients?

  • We have worked with well over 3000+ clients. Not all are posted, but you can find a small list on this page, as well as current affiliations here. (Page is currently down)

What do you offer for entries if I chose a giveaway?

  • We offer entries for Fanning a Page, Following Profiles (both of these with stipulations from facebook) or Twitter, Sharing the Giveaway (usually on Twitter or FB), And all mandatory entries will be visiting your website. We will not ask any entrant to write on your FB wall for an entry. This is against Facebook rules. We will allow entries such as signing up for discounts or emails. However as said above, if you would like a list of entry emails, this would need to be discussed before the giveaway was posted. You may see more details on our Contest Rules page or email us for further clarification.