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Being a tween, I am constantly annoyed by the lack of websites out there for people under 13. Other than things like Twitter, and many sites for younger kids, there really isn’t any. But now, there is!
It’s called FaceChipz, and it isn’t your normal website. Unlike Facebook, the only way you can become friends with someone is to give them a “chip”.


The  “chipz” have a code on the back, which once you buy them at your local ToysRUs, you can enter said code into your account, and then you give it to a friend. They enter the same code in their account and voila! You’re friends. Now, what does this entail? You can see each other’s status, their pictures, and comment on their pictures and their profiles.

tokenAlso, you can’t search for people, which is means you will never come in contact with strangers. Another great thing is after the chip has been registered by you and your friend, it is unusable, as in, if you ever dropped it or lost it, a stranger couldn’t enter it and become your friend. It is impossible.

backThis site is extremely safe. Also, the website isn’t search-engine friendly, so your page doesn’t pull up automatically, and no one can see that you even have a FaceChipz unless they are friends with you. The website is currently in it’s first version, and the designers are currently working on a second. One downside: to register, you must pay a one-time fee of $1. This isn’t very much considering two things: you are helping further develop the website, and remember a few years back when you’re kid begged you for Webkinz? Well, for $5, you can get 5 facechipz, and thats 5 friends!


Or, you know, you could always enter this giveaway, and win 6 of them! Here’s how: Go to http://facechipz.com and scroll over all of the chipz to find one that says “Check Out the Emoticons” (hint- its the only yellow one lol). Tell me which you like best in the “Emotionary” in the comments (make sure to say it’s name, and type the emoticon also!)

Oh, and I bet your wondering about extra entries, right?

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  1. Bonus #1 I am thankful for my oldest daughter who is the care taker in our family whenever anyone needs anything medical wise.

  2. I am thankful for my second daughter who is the optimist in our family. She always takes the negative and turns it into a positive for all of us.

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