Fabric Care Basket



This awesome basket comes to us direct from Tide & Bounce Media Relations.
Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.
Moms, you know this will save you quite a bit of money!!


Bounce Awakenings

Bounce Awakenings(tm) is a new line extension of Bounce dryer sheets that features

innovative technology designed to leave your clothes smelling fresh as you move

throughout the day. Each sheet of Bounce Awakenings features Renew-Refresh(tm)

technology that deposits microscopic capsules of scent that rest in fabrics after

the dry cycle is complete. During wear and use, the scent enclosed in the capsules

is released on your clothing, creating bursts of Bounce freshness throughout the

day. This Renew-Refresh technology not only delivers enhanced freshness for your

favorite fabrics, but also creates a long-lasting scent experience to awaken life’s

ordinary moments.



Yellow Cap Tide 2X Ultra

Tide® laundry detergent has launched a new specially marked, Yellow Cap bottle of

Tide with10¢ from every purchase going toward helping families affected by

disasters. Dedicated to providing clean clothes to help renew a sense of hope to

families affected by natural disasters, the Tide Loads of Hope program has provided

free laundry service to families and relief workers for the past three years

following major disasters, including Hurricane Katrina and the California wildfires.



Tide to Go Mini/Tide to Go

Tide to Go has become the must-have product for “on-the-go” stain removal. Since its

launch in 2005, people everywhere have embraced Tide to Go’s ability to instantly

erase stains that can spoil life’s biggest moments such as job interviews, first

dates and even weddings. Thousands of people have told us their stories about how

Tide to Go has saved the day and prevented stain disasters and now, Tide to Go is

poised to help people everywhere save each and every potential stain-making moment

with the introduction of new Tide To Go Mini.


Basket from Crate & Barrel

Sedona Low Open Tote

Crate and Barrel Exclusive

Warm honey-brown rattan is handwoven into a sturdy open shape with rounded corners and cutout bin handles finished with wrap detail.



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