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Eyewear! It’s a curse & a blessing. It can match any outfit, easy to accessorize with, helps you see and the varieties are endless. But the cost can be crazy, especially with no or minimum eye insurance. Most will only pay for the eye check and that’s it. Should you actually need glasses, good luck with that. 

I am not sure how my family afforded my glasses growing up. I remember always having wireframes, and I am guessing it must have been the cheapest option. Once I had kids though, I quickly learned plastic was far better for those little hands. I learned where the name Snap Crackle Pop came from enough to invest in better frames.

Once I was an adult, I did also learn the cost of such nice things. Or should I say, things I could not afford but needed. Being a single working mom at the time, I was able to use the state medical, which did pay for my glasses. Then I got married, moved away, became more stable in all aspects of my life and reality hit. I had to purchase my own pair of glasses for the 1st time ever. 300 euros later (we were stationed overseas), I could see. I could see my money drifting away lol. I should note, at that time, internet was just beginning for me so I had no idea the possibilities of purchasing glasses online

So now we come to nearly 12 years later, I am in full force nearly online only eyeglass shopping. Now some may ask why not get contacts or corrective surgery. One, the cost of those. Two, I can barely get an eyelash out let alone put something in. Three, I whole heartly love eyeglasses. I love the different versions, designs and looks I can do. 

Eyewear InSight offered me any 2 pair of glasses I wanted in exchange for my feedback. I happily agreed since it’s like purse or shoe shopping for me. I picked this uber cute large framed tortoiseshell pair that I added all the bells and whistles of computer lenses to. Let me tell you when I say clear, I mean like I could forget I had anything shielding my eye! I love these glasses. Super retro but nerdy. By the way I should add that my kids said I looked like the mom from The Lorax with them on…. Um THANK YOU! #momgoalsTed's_mom

We are so similar 😉

Late Night Work Face...but I can see!
Late Night Work Face…but I can see!

These arrived 1st and I fell in love so I could only imagine what my striped sunglasses were going to look & feel like.

When my Von Parker sunglasses arrived (which I only have 1 pair of because somehow I never knew these existed?!) I was so excited on the darkness of them and style. I put them on and instantly transformed into a D&G model. *Strike a pose* But seriously you can see me rocking them on Instagram. 

Both pairs would have only cost me a total of $175 with shipping. Mind you that was for computer, (single vision) prescription lenses, Mid Index thickness, Hydroscoptic coating,  Anti reflective, UV & Anti scratch on my tortoiseshell glasses. Then my sunglasses had brown polarized tinted lenses (also single vision prescription), Hydroscoptic coating,  Anti reflective, UV & Anti scratch also.  I can tell you my 300 euro glasses were literally just clear lenses with nothing added. This is a serious steal!

We manufacture prescription eyeglasses and we have a full range of styles, our prices are a fraction of what you would pay at your local optometrist or chains. Where you would pay $500-$700 in a store ours will cost $30-$60 complete frame, lenses and shipping. 


Press Sample I received product in exchange for my honest feedback. The discount code is affiliate linked.

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  1. I like the women’s stainless steel full rim with regular hinge with an oval frame in the black and gold color option.

  2. I also like the Men’s Frame #ckb9132 a lot more than most of all the frames at the EyewearInSight web site..

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