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There was a time when I had full bodied, flowing hair.  Some time over the past several years the texture and quantity of my hair seems to have changed.  I guess after having my daughter it sort of thinned out and became super straight and fine.  Sometimes, I still wish for some body and bounce to my hair so when I was offered the chance to review Effortless Extensions I decided to give them a try.

About Effortless Extensions: Effortless Extensions are the PATENTED, Revolutionary New Standard in hair extensions! They go on in literally seconds!

Effortless Extensions are available in both Human and Synthetic hair, in styles and colors to compliment every woman.

Effortless Extensions offers you the ability to add length, and volume, without damaging your hair. Effortless Extensions are the only Patented product on the market that does not connect to your hair in any way!

No woman wants to damage her hair.  There are many extensions available on the market today, all that require attaching to the hair, whether you use clip ins, that take a lot of finesse and time, or go through the Harmful, Expensive, and time consuming, processes of having them sewn, glued, or woven, you are damaging your hair.

Give yourself the Ultimate in Hair Accessories, transform yourself in seconds from Ordinary to Extraordinary!  Effortless Extensions gives you the freedom to Restyle your Style with confidence!

I asked my daughter to take pictures of me wearing the hair extension but they did not turn out well.  So we turned her into a hair model for my review, instead of the photographer.  


My Thoughts: I received the dark synthetic Body Wave for my review and the first thing I noticed was how long and flowing it was.  This is the first extension that I have see using this particular head band type design.  The band part is made from clear mono-filament line (think clear fishing line).  The line rests on top of your head and blends completely in with your hairline.  .  It was very easy to put on and took very little adjusting.  It blended easily and I was very surprised at how well it stayed in place.  The only problem that I had is that I like to tuck my hair behind my ears, and the extension wrapped part way around my ears.  It looks like I can just shorten the line a bit and it will fit perfectly for my taste.  However, on my daughter we did not notice this as being a problem.  It looks so good on her and we had fun trying out several different styles.  We even tried curling it a bit and that worked great too (just make sure you wet down the hair a little first).  My daughter ended up wearing the side ponytail with the red ribbon out for the day on Sunday.  The extension stayed in place much better than her own hair did!  If you are looking for a super easy way to give your hair a boost of body and volume, you will want to check out Effortless Extensions!



*information from www.effortlessextensions.com



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.


I did receive product samples to keep for my review purposes.


I was under no obligation to write a positive review or host a giveaway in return for the product.

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