Educational Insights: Grammar 500 Game


One of the biggest concerns I have for my boys is that they learn proper grammar.  Educational Insights has a new game called Grammar 500 to help do just that.

Educational Insights is dedicated to producing and marketing the highest quality instructional materials for classroom teachers. Given that all of our products are developed by educators, you can rest assured that they’ll match your children’s needs and interests, while incorporating appropriate national teaching standards in a fun and motivating way. At Educational Insights, we prize our association with all of our customers, and we thank you for the trust that you place in us. It’s a commitment we take very seriously!

Grammar 500:


Students, start your engines! Draw a card and see if you can answer one of 100 fun grammar, punctuation, and capitalization questions. Answer correctly, roll the dice, and move your piece forward. Be the first to round the finish line and you win!

Retails for $24.99.

My take:  I knew when I agreed to review this game that is was too old for my boys but no fear as there are older kids I review items with as well.  (Whenever the products are so great but too old for my kids I can’t resist sharing LOL).   Every single of of them (girls and boys alike) LOVED the race car theme and had a blast playing this game.  I love how many discussions came about with many of the cards…a great, great game





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