The story behind Ecuadane is just one of the many reasons I fell in love with the brand. After visiting the village of Otavalo in Ecuador where they and their three daughters were, they became spellbound by the delectable textiles made by the local Otavaleños. They decided to found the company Ecuadane. The name symbolizes their Ecuadorian (Catalina) and Danish (Nicolai) backgrounds.

There is so much more to the story and the evolution behind Ecuadane’s “Everywhere Blanket”. 

A dream has been realized and today Ecuadane can offer the quality-minded and environmentally conscious consumer a range of sustainable, but also delectable and soft blankets and ponchos . Today, Ecuadane is a family-run business with three daughters at the helm. They also donate 5-10% of their profits to Ecuador and various humanitarian efforts such as children’s hospitals, schools etc.

We were able to review a beautiful and soft Ecuadane blanket. 

The Antisana blanket is named after the volcano by that name in the Northern Andes in Ecuador. This blanket, like all other Ecuadane blankets, is characterized by its ultra-soft quality and generous size. The blankets are non-allergenic and made in Ecuador by native Otavaleños with the greatest respect for the environment who mainly use recycled textile fibers (80% acrylic), wool (15%) and the softest alpaca wool (5%).

This blanket is huge! 93 x 82, Ultra soft, made of 80% recycled textile fibers, and has a lifetime warranty, which is extremely unheard of. 

My daughter loves alpaca’s so we gave it to her to test out. She immediately fell in love with it’s softness and was impressed that it covered so much space. It even came with a comb to help keep the shedding at bay (after washing or use).

We are all very happy with this Ecuadane blanket (and a little jealous). 

You can visit and select your own blanket, poncho, or scarves.

This is a sponsored review.