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Did you know that Americans spend more than three billion hours per year using lawn and garden equipment? is leading the eco-friendly lawn mower movement, making it easy and enjoyable for any individual to eliminate their climate impact and transform lawn mowing to a clean future and more enjoyable experience.

On occasion I have noticed people using reel mowers and since we have quite a small yard thought that maybe this would be the right kind of mower for us. Because my husband usually works so many hours it has been up to me to take care of the yard. I really dislike smelling like mower fuel, not to mention that I can’t hear what my kids are doing while the mower is running. The other thing I really hate is trying to pull start the mower and filling it with gasoline!
I started searching the internet and cam across Ecomowers website.  I was really impressed with thier site and how informative it was, so I contacted Ecomower about the possibility of doing a review for them.  They offered to have me try out their most popular mower, the Brill RazorCut 38 Push Reel Eco-Friendly Mower. Well I don’t have to worry about smelling like engine exhaust anymore, and when I mow the lawn I can hear everything my kids are doing!
When the mower arrived it was super easy to assemble.  I was truly surprised at the small size of the box when it was delivered and also about how light weight it was!  My concern about having to push a heavy mower was quickly put to rest because this mower is super light and easy to push. Suddenly I wondered if this mower would be enough to cut the lawn!  We took it outside and gave it a try and once we got the height setting correct, the mower worked like a dream!  Super easy, lightweight and so quiet!  I love this mower!  In fact this mower is so easy to use, even my kids can do it!
Let me share some information from Ecomower’s site:
“The term “Ecomower” was introduced in 2006 as the modern movement or re-revolution of the old-fashioned mowing method. Some of the mowers being manufactured today, and all of the mowers presented at are lighter, quieter, require no sharpening for 5+ years, and are really fun to use.
No gas required. This is not an exaggeration, it is a fact. Ecomowers™ need only be pushed using human power. 90% of U.S. mowers are gas powered or electric, and consume extraordinary amounts of oil, fuel, and electricity, resulting in the release of threatening amounts of harmful CO2 into our atmosphere each year. Americans spend more than three billion hours per year using lawn and garden equipment. Currently, a gas fueled push mower emits as much hourly pollution as 11 cars and a riding mower emits as much as 34 cars. Some of the gas powered manufacturers have described their business as the “motor” business, not the “mower” business — you decide.
Health & Safety
Ecomowing™ is an enjoyable exercise and an outdoor activity soon to be as popular as a morning walk or a stroll in the park. Why spend time driving to your fitness center if you can ecomow™ in your front yard, and in 1 hour burn 408 calories! Ecomowers™ are nearly silent, allowing the outdoor sounds of the birds and the breeze to be truly appreciated.
Why not encourage your family and children to join in on the fun! Ecomowing™ is a safer alternative to lethal gas powered rotary mowers. Ecomowers™ are so light and easy to push that even children can safely maneuver them.
 There is all kinds of information on their site about mowing and it’s effects on the environment as well as benefits of Ecomowing. Click here to go check out their site and the many different products they offer!

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  1. Very cool…I want one, but I am not sure it would be as fun as I hope when I am looking at 2 acres of work…But think of all the weight loss possibilities…maybe. Thanks for the review, I was hoping to see one here.

  2. Your right mnmspecial! The average person burns 408 calories for an hour of mowing with the reel mower – unless you are like my daughter and run with it. Then I guess you would burn a lot more lol!

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