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June 23, 2009 – Clackamas, OR – As women become more concerned about the ingredients in the personal care products they use while pregnant, and on their children, Earth Mama Angel Baby has set a new standard for truly toxin-free, natural products. All Earth Mama Angel Baby products are now rated a “zero” on the Skin Deep database (, a guide to cosmetics and personal care products from the Environmental Working Group. (Earth Mama Angel Baby’s USDA Certified 100% Organic line of teas is not listed in the Skin Deep database, which is only for personal care items. The teas are regulated by the USDA.)

“We know of no other company that manufactures products for pregnancy or baby care with an entire product line rated a zero,” said Melinda Olson, CEO and Founder of Earth Mama Angel Baby. “We continually source new raw materials and work on formulations of products that can replace current ingredients with newer, safer ingredients as they become available,” she added.

Olson explains that science and chemistry have only begun to catch up with the demand for toxin-free products. Because ingredients that preserve and emulsify the products are necessary to prevent bacteria and mold growth, finding safe, organic raw materials that solve these issues is a constant challenge.

“Preserving products for shelf-life is obviously necessary, and we are not satisfied unless the chemistry used is as safe as possible,” she explains. “In some cases, certified organic ingredients are just not available, so we change our formulations as they become available, or as better alternatives are found.”

“I’m proud to have come this far,” said Olson. “It has been a long process, but we will continue to keep sourcing and working with the best new materials available, and our goal is a 100% certified organic product line, certified to the highest standard now available, the USDA NOP.”

Earth Mama Angel Baby is currently working in tandem with the Organic Trade Association and the American Herbal Products Association to create a version of the NOP standards appropriate for personal care products. The USDA NOP was developed to certify organic food, making some personal care products impossible to certify with this standard.

A Gold Member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and one of the earliest signers, Earth Mama Angel Baby is fully compliant with all phases of the compact, which include registration of all applicable products in the Skin Deep database with detailed ingredient information.  Users who search the database can find independent ratings on the ingredients used in products of both compact signers and non-signers as well as see the status of companies as compliant or non-compliant with the Campaign’s standards.

To use the database, simply go to and type in the type of product you wish to search, or a company name. Searches and information are free.

About Earth Mama Angel Baby®:

Earth Mama Angel Baby was founded by nurse, herbalist, and concerned mother Melinda Olson. Her mission is to treat the common symptoms of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and baby care with pure, safe herbal remedies. Her knowledge of traditional herb medicine combines with evidence based research to help soothe and comfort mamas and babies naturally. All Earth Mama Angel Baby® products and teas are formulated without harsh chemicals, toxins or preservatives, and have the best safety ratings in the exceptional Skin Deep toxicity database. Proudly pure, Earth Mama Angel Baby® products are made only with worry-free ingredients: no 1,4-Dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalates, or toxins of any kind. That’s Mama’s Promise™.

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  2. these products sound lovely, if / when your little princesses are older, and nearer to teenage skin care troubles then quality skin care is still vital. its great that companies are working hard to develop quality products that work… and dont “cost the earth” ..but care for us and it!!

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