EA Play (Electronic Arts): Charm Girls Club Pajama Party for Wii



Charm Girls Club™ Pajama Party for Wii

is packed with over 30 mini-games that will get girls up dancing, pillow fighting, cooking, racing, spinning, moving, and playing together in ways that will keep them laughing all night!

Create your Charm Girls and team up with up to 7 girl friends! Includes awesome mini-games including Bed Bounce, Speed Hair Teasing, Balloon Bop, Dance Off, Pose Off, Pillow Fight, and more! Earn over 40 virtual charms!

Charm Girls Club is a hands down winner in the fun category according to my tween daughter!  Once she got the controls and games figured out this quickly became her favorite of the three games we reviewed!

I suppose her love for Pajama Party has something to do with the fact that she stomped me at Pillow Fighting, Balloon Bop, Spotlight Star and Speed Hair Teasing.  However, I totally ruled in Dance Off, Sleeping Bag Scramble and Cycle and Catch!

Who wouldn’t love a girly girl slumber party where you can race, do hair, have a pillow fight and hunt for treasure?  The best part for us moms is that there is no clean up needed afterwords!  This was a big hit for the group of 10 year old girls we had over at our house and it created lots of giggling!

Once you earn charms in the game, you can then go to the Charm Girls Club website and enter them there to keep in a central charm box.  This will unlock new fashions on the online mall.  There are several online games that can also be played at the Official Charm Girls Club site including fashion design, nails and shopping.

My Thoughts: This is a great game for tween girls and the added bonus is that 8 of them can play together.  If you own the Wii Balance Board you can hook that up and use it in some of the games, which was a lot of fun and always creates more laughter!  My daughter is 10 and a perfect age for the Charm Girls Club and Pajama Party.  I can see that this game will be put to good use around here for a long time to come!  You have to be a little steadier with the control than you do with the MySims Agents and the Littlest Pet Shop Friends but my 6 year old still could play several of the games without any problem.  Overall I would say this game is a big hit for the girls in the family and would make a great gift for any tween girls you might know!

Released under the EA Play label this game is rated for everyone ages 10+!






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  1. My daughter would love this game. I think it’s a great idea and is good for overnight bday parties when things can get boring or ordinary. My daughtere loves interactive games and has some friends that would love playing this with her. Thanks for the review and the giveaway. I would definitely choose this one if I were to win.

    heidibokor @ yahoo . com

  2. This game looks just like something my niece would love! They just got a Wii so I know she’d like to have a few good games and this seems to fit the bill. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  3. My daughter will be 13 next week, so I think this one may be a little too young for her. I think she’d like the Sims Agent game better. Our whole family likes the Sims.

    dlodden at frontiernet dot net

  4. What a perfect slumber party activity!! My daughter is turnign 10 in March and this would be perfect. I love to have the girls play the Wii at parties, but most games have a max of 2 players, so this is PERFECT!

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