DuneCraft: Make Your Own Snowman World Review


I never thought I would be writing about how to make your own snowman in the beginning of the hot August month but it is true!  Dunecraft sent me an amazing kit called Make Your Own Snowman World.  First a little about DuneCraft:


DuneCraft was born green!  Our products install a love, wonder, and respect for plants and nature!  Experience our Plants that Work-let something else do the heavy lifting.  In addition to appealing to your sense of utilitarianism, these hard-working rascals will keep you in fresh air, soothe your skin, make your tea, and even flavor it for you.  Explore the utility of different plant life with the Desert Biodome and the Sweet Leaf terrarium.  Learn about these fascinating plants and how they can help you.  Our newest science novelties are like none other and we are making more all the time.  Experience “green” the DuneCraft way!

So what is it?  Make three free standing snowmen with DuneCraft’s brand new Snowman Kit! The Make Your Own Snowman Kit is perfect for creating your very own winter wonderland in your house at any time of the year! This set comes with everything needed to make life-like snow, snowmen, a snow fort or igloo, and many little snowballs! All of the materials are completely reusable and are sure to provide hours of delightful holiday fun! Make Your Own Snowman World is safe for ages 3 and up.

Make Your Own Snowman World Includes:

  • Super Snow
  • Instant Solid Powder
  • Slippery Spheres
  • Silly Squares
  • Bag of Mixed Polymers
  • Tray
  • Instructions and Information



My Take:  Oh my what fun we had with this kit!   Since I didn’t read through the instructions before telling my 3 yr old we were going to make snowmen 30 min before bedtime I quickly found out that I could make the snowmen but not the snowballs and snowcubes since they need to soak for up to 4 hours.  But let me back up a minute and explain what comes in the kit.

Snowballs & Snowcubes:  I was very skeptical that miniature cubes and balls could expand to snowballs and cubes, especially when I read that you only need 1/3 of the package at a time.  As per the instructions I added a 1/3 cup of water to my third of my silly squares and slippery spheres (placing each in separate container).  It is recommended to have them soak overnight.  To my amazement they really did grow.  Now the packet says they will expand over 200x their size and the more water you give them the bigger they grow.  Since I have a very active 3 yr old I thought that I didn’t  want them too big!  The snowballs are by far my favorite, these balls can actually bounce!  The snowcubes were very slippery but a helpful hint found inside the package was to put them on paper towels to soak up some of the water to make them easier to stack onto each other.  The VERY best thing about them:  they are reusable, simply let them dehydrate to about 90% and then store them in a sealed bag.  The water will evaporate out.  Amazing!!

Super Snow:  This was by far the favorite in my house.  I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of snow powder with 8 ounces of water.  I stirred briskly for a minute and then laid the mixture on wax paper.  I was initially concerned because it did not look like snow to me, but once we started squishing it with our fingers it quickly became white and sparkly.  Be warned, it does make a mess but I just doubled wax paper and put it on the table and the mess was quickly cleaned up.  Another great thing- this too is reusable- just put it in a safe place and allow the water to evaporate.

Snowmen Powder:  This is the part that we completed as soon as we opened the package.  I added 1 teaspoon to 4 ounces and mixed until the entire mixture was consistent.  I wish you could have seen the look on my 3 yr old’s face when I told him to dig in with his hands.  Between the two of us we made 2 very lopsided snowmen (hey what do you expect with a 3 yr old).  DuneCraft also includes a small bag of colored snow balls to decorate eyes and noses.  You can make the snowmen up to 3″ tall, but the shorter and smaller you make your snow people, the longer they will last.  Your kit contains enough Snowmen Powder to make over 6 Snow people.  My only complaint with the Snow people was that the colored accents bled onto our fingers and the snowmen.

You can also combine all three (super snow, Snowmen, Snowballs/Snowcubes) and make a outdoor scene.  DuneCraft included a tray which you can fill with the super snow and then arrange the other components to your heart’s content.

I really liked this kit.  It was fun and entertaining for both the 3 yr old and myself.  It was also educational since mommy talked about making “solids” and how water evaporates. Make your own Snowman World can be purchased at DuneCraft for $9.99

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