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This has to be one of those inventions where you go “Ugh why didn’t I think of that!”. Brilliant idea and very helpful.

Drop Stop– It was created in the way many of us know. A guy driving down the road, had his phone slip into the abyss of side seat galaxy and while trying to frantically fit his hand below to find it, nearly met his maker.  

That sounds alot like many of us. While I have an anxiety of doing much of anything besides yawning while driving, I do eat on the go. I’m sure I have at least 2 large value fries under my seat. Maybe a few lost credit cards too. I bet you could finance a small car with the change found. 

I do remember once going up to the military gate and needing to get my ID from my wallet. Of course of all the times it falls from my fingers, it went under my seat. Then when putting my hand under, my nail stabs something sharp. I probably looked like I stole that darn thing by the time I got it and handed it to the man with bleeding fingers and red eyes. 

Drop Stop

Ok so now let me get back on track because I know you all have the same type of stories. Anyone with any vehicle of any kind, knows these stories, pains, near misses, scares. Maybe some of you stuff a towel in that slot. Well now there is a product called Drop Stop. You may have seen them on Shark Tank. (Love that show by the way.) 

It’s similar to a bean bag, and it can squeeze in-between your seat and console and fits around your seat belt. It comes in black (to remind you of the great beyond that you just blocked) and can stop your phone, fries, change, anything your kids throw, from going under. It can absolutely save your life and keeps you away from distractions. 

80% of all accidents and 93% of all rear end accidents are caused by taking your eyes off the road for 3 seconds or less. Trying to retrieve items dropped in the gap can cause you to lose focus and possibly get into an accident and nobody wants that to happen. Drop Stop not only helps prevents objects from falling, it could help save your life. “Think you don’t need one? Wait a week.”

I would recommend this to ANYONE. We have 2 sets, one in my car and one in my husband’s truck. They retail for about $20 online, and you can now purchase them at Walmart also!

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  1. I’d like to win this because with arthritic knees and back it’s painful to have to dig under the seats for the things I’ve dropped. This would be so helpful.

  2. I always drop my keys between the seat and cup holder, so this would be a life saver to not take 30 minutes trying to get them out all the time!

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