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My kids simply adore books so I knew I had to review these next two when I saw how gorgeous the pictures were:  Curious Critters Volumes One and Two Books


Award-winning author and photographer David FitzSimmons has a unique approach to animal portraiture, and he loves sharing it with kids. Instead of seeking rare animals in exotic locations, David photographs common animals—many found in your own backyard—against plain, white backgrounds, producing detailed close-up images that are simply striking.  These images are the visual foundation of his “Curious Critters” children’s picture books.

Volume one won five national book awards. Volume Two will be released in February.

“Curious Critters Volume Two” is filled with other fascinating fauna, including a beautiful butterfly, a Spanish-speaking armadillo, a mathematical moth, a bellowing alligator, a back flipping beetle, and other amazing animals.

The second book in the series is not only entertaining but also educational. Before David began composing the short vignettes accompanying each photo, he reviewed national science education standards. “Curious Critters Volume Two” meets all the National Research Council’s life science standards for grades K-4.


As cute as the bunnies are, their childlike conversation about coprophagy—yes, rabbits eat their own poop!—is sure to have children and parents groaning with delight.


You mean we eat our own . . . feces?!

Feces? What are feces?

You know . . . poop.

Who said that?

I did. That’s what I heard.

Yep. By eating grasses twice, we get more nutrients the second time through. All rabbits do it. What’s wrong with that?


That’s disgusting!

My take:  My kids (and I) simply adored these books.  The photos are striking in their details and the information included with each animal is educational, fascinating and it left my kids begging to turn the next page to learn about another cool animal.  Highly recommend both of these books!


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  1. I think my 4 yr old would love these, he is really interested in animals and nature right now. I love that they are educational!

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