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When my daughter was 6 months old I made all of her baby food with a pot on the stove and a blender (old school). So when I was offered to test the Cuisinart baby food maker I almost stuck my nose up and thought ‘what do I need that for?!!’ I am so glad I took the opportunity to try this product!


First thing I noticed before I even opened the box was that it was printed on recycled papers (hippy me is doing the happy dance at this point). Assembly was super easy and I gave the blade and work bowl a quick wash before I started cooking.
I decided to make apple sauce since my empty fridge contained only bok choy and apples, somehow I doubt blended bok choy would appeal to my toddler. To start I peeled and cut 2 medium apples up and placed it into the work bowl. Next you pull out the measuring cup from the back reservoir and fill it with water to the appropriate line (recipe book includes fantastic step by step instructions for each fruit/vegetable/protein).
After that you replace the measuring cup and close the top to the unit. Turn the knob to steam and a blue light will automatically turn on. Apples took about 20 minutes to steam and the blue light turned off to indicate the steaming was finished. Next test the food with a fork to be sure it is tender, if not just turn it back onto steam for a few more minutes. Once it is fork tender turn the knob to chop and pulse it a few times to break down the big chunks. Now turn it to chop and let it run for 15-20 seconds or until it reaches the smoothness you desire.
Please be careful when you open the lid, I was not and nearly burnt my hand.
Use the included spatula and scrap the bowl. I poured the apple sauce into a container and allowed it to cool for a couple hours before serving.
When my daughter finally woke up from her nap it was time to test the end product. She LOVED it!
DSC_0053 DSC_0055
I love how easy the Cuisinart baby food maker makes the process of making homemade, healthy food for your baby/toddler. I plan on making some vegetable purees next and hiding them in different foods so the family gets their daily vegetable servings without them knowing.

The Cuisinart baby food maker currently retails for $128.95 on and I think that is a great price considering how much of a time saver it is, how effortless it is to make baby food and how easy it is to clean up afterwards. I am officially converted from old ways!
Review by Amanda
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