Cube Tracker

I received a Cube Tracker to help facilitate my review. 

My husband is notorious for misplacing things- car keys, work badge, phone, glasses.  We recently had the opportunity to review the Cube Tracker and it has made a huge impact on finding lost objects!

Key Features:


Crowd Find allows the community to be your search party when a Cube is out of range. Anyone with the app who comes within proximity to your lost Cube will trigger an update on your Cubes latest location.

Replaceable Battery No need to replace CUBE each year. Just replace the battery yourself once a year. Extra battery included.

Lost your Phone? Use your CUBE to locate your phone with an audible tone, vibration, and flash, even if the app is not running or your phone is on silent.

Map Location Use our simple Cube Tracker app to view your Cubes last known location on a map, using the power of bluetooth to tell if you are near or far, press find and your Cube will ring. Integrated is a separation alarm to alert you if you left something behind (can be turned on in the App).

My take:  This truly has been a time saver every day for us!  We decided to place it on the one item he doesn’t have a duplicate of…his work badge.  No more hunting around every morning looking for the must-have item to enter into work.  Another frequently misplaced object of his is the phone.  The fact that the Cube Tracker can find the phone even when it is on silent is a HUGE plus in my book.  This tracker works so well that I need to get him at least one more for his keys!