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If you are following on our Facebook, then you already know i was praising this hammer already. It is by far the most awesome tool for anyone. I mean anyone. Teens, tween, elderly, handicapped, moms, etc. This is IT. Look no further than the Craftsman NEXTEC Auto Hammer!!


It retails for a mere $99 on Plus, i am not sure if you know, but Craftsman backs all there tools with a 100% guarantee. If anything ever breaks, you can walk into a Sears, hand them your broken item and they will give you a new one. Yea, its that simple. No paperwork, no 2000 questions. Your in and out. So rest assured, when you buy Craftsman, your buying quality and your buying for life. (Updated: I called Craftsman Customer Service just to make sure it covered this, and she said no BUT it does have a 1 yr warranty, so you could simply call them and go from there for a new one or repair, she said some of Craftsman power tools are under similar warranty but the hand tools are the Lifetime Guaranty items. .. still awesome in my book!)

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When my tools arrived (yes i have another review coming soon!) I knew right off the bat that this hammer was going to be awesome. When hubby left for Iraq, we had put off hanging anything. There had been one picture i wanted to put up so bad though. Last year we got a Flat Daddy ( and we stuck it on a cork board so ariel could crawl or walk up to it and see her daddy anytime. So i knew, this was the picture i wanted up 1st.

I opened the box and i swear it was made for me. lol. It was sooo simple !!! I think it screamed Hammer For Dummys.  LOL. Loved it! Simple insert the battery and press the button. Yep…done.

Well, i did a little video for you, excuse the shakiness and such. Jasy helped me video it on parts lol. We tried!


Technical Specs:

(Taken from

NEW! The innovative Craftsman 12 V Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer is the first of its kind in the marketplace. This innovative tool removes the need for a hose or cord and uses the power of a 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery to nail nails up to 3.5-in. in length with the press of a trigger. Because of the compact design and a weight of only 1.86 lbs, the Hammerhead Auto Hammer is ideal for: nailing in tight areas where swinging is restricted, for overhead applications, for a variety of other projects that require nails, for carrying from project to project and for storage purposes. The hammerhead’s powerful motor, made with a high speed/high torque design, drives nails quickly and with minimal effort in materials from construction lumber to finished wood. The hammer nails at 3600 impacts/minute and features a retractable nail sleeve that covers the impact mechanism and retracts during use to ensure flush finishes. For assistance in nail placement and nailing accuracy, a magnetic head conveniently holds nails up to 7/16-in wide. The soft-grip handle provides increased comfort and grip and the LED work light illuminates the work area for enhanced vision. The Auto Hammer is a part of the new compact line of Craftsman tools called NEXTEC. These tools are powered by a compact 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery for enhanced performance and longer shelf life. The Hammerhead Auto Hammer Kit includes: Hammerhead Auto Hammer, 1-12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery, 30 minute quick charge charger with LED charge indicator, nail remover and carry/storage case.

  • Innovative Automatic hammering action
  • Powerful motor
  • 3600 Impacts/minute
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Magnetic head
  • Retractable nail sleeve
  • LED worklight
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Weighs only 1.86 lbs. with battery

CLICK HERE TO SEE ANOTHER IN ACTION VIDEO! (When it opens click on Media Player)

LESS THAN 2 POUNDS!! WOWZERS!  So my bottom line is.. Take that Sears GC we are giving away lol… and Buy this totally kicked out hammer for yourself. Moms, this is the 1st time you hubby can totally get jealous at a Craftsman tool made to cater to everyone besides HIM. Don’t let the stereotypical Pink tool set every year at Christmas get to you this year. Ask for the Auto Hammer. You will be so surprised at how simple and easy it is to use, plus this will save you so much time, energy and hurt from some normal hammers.

To me, this makes any other hammer … just a novelty item.


Craftsman NEXTEC 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer on

Craftsman NEXTEC 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer on

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  1. Well, it looks like I have to buy another great tool from Craftsman! They just keep coming up with more innovative tools all the time.

  2. This is the perfect tool for DIYers. Don’t spend the extra money on the expensive tools. This is perfect for framing out basements with cement floors. Lightweight but powerful.

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