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This month i took a drive to Shoreline Washington to revisit my Sears Outlet store up there. I was excited to see what new changes they had done. As soon as i walked in it was like a new, more open, store. New merchandise and a new layout.

What i noticed first was the greeting as soon as we walked in. I have to color this for you because it makes me giggle thinking about it. Ok picture yourself walking into one of those fancy smancy hotels and the butler is like “Hello & Welcome to the Grand Hotel” and he opens his arm up high. I know this is an exaggeration of what he did, but it just makes me laugh because their was a guy waiting at the door (and i am sure its his job) and as soon as we walked in “Hello Welcome to Sears Outlet, How can I help you”.  I guess it was his mannerism that made it great to me. Ahhh, the little things in my life eh? lol. (now you see what goes on in my head, its scary in there).

So back to reality… I met with Spencer, the manager at Sears Outlet once again. I have to mention that the last time he met me i had blonde hair and this time we met, i wore one of my brunette wigs. The look on his face told a story of surprise & questioning lol.  Anyways, i told him how much i really like the new layout. The way he set it up totally made this small cubby hole of a store (my words not his lol) look so much larger. They had in lots of new things and are getting rid of some. They will focus more on the tools and appliances and less on the smaller home accessory stuff. It looked wonderful.

Plus, when you come through the doors now, you are smacked in the face with Christmas. If you are not in spirit, you will be at the door. He had 2 Christmas Trees, TVs facing the door and the prettiest most uber awesome set of Red & Blue washer and dryer up front.

This month the Sears Outlet Signature Mom Team was asked to select something within $150 price range and more in the tool section if we could. That basically meant to me,’ take your husband.’

He choose this Craftsman Professional All In One Cutting System. Regular price of 159.99 and Outlet priced at $79.99. Not too shabby of a discount.

My husband was surprised when he got it home and noticed all the things it actually does.

(Little note about the description and photo below: We did not get the exact one as below. I could not even find the information for ours at Sears or Sears Outlet although the model number was the same as this one lol. The only difference was how many accessories ours came with, which was 12)

So here are the words of wisdom from my husband on this tool set:

  • Multi purpose tool but best used for cutting holes.
  • Great for drywall use.
  • Not a router but you can use it for that
  • Really great for women in arts & crafts because you can cut out figurines

My husband did like this product. One, its Craftsman, its like our diamond ring of tools. Second, It was a great price at under $80. Three, it does an crazy amount of things for one tool. He used it to make snowflakes out of thick cardboard for the girls to play with. It was magically cute. He is now itching to go to Home Depot for wood and has a million ideas in his head. …Not so sure im ok with this. Just kidding lol.


Powerful 5.5 Amp Motor provides power for making precision cuts on a wide variety of building materials, from drywall, plywood, underlayment to cement board and ceramic wall tile. Variable Speed Dial allows matching speed to materials and job applications: 15,000 to 30,000 RPM – No load speed. Dust sealed switch for long life. Assist Handle for added control on various job applications – quick release to easily detach from tool. Soft-grip body/assist handle for added gripping power, reduced fatigue and operator comfort. Metal Bezel provides added support for spindle lock. 3-Jawed Chuck provides on-the-job versatility with wrenchless bit changes. Built-in worklight helps illuminate workpiece. Adjustable foot provides depth of cuts up to 1 inch – quick release latch for easy positioning and removal of foot. Spindle Lock conveniently located for fast bit changes.

Kit Includes Right Angle Attachment with Flush Cutting Attachment that comes with 1 wood cut-off wheel, 2 metal and 1 masonry cut-off wheels. Jigsaw Handle Attachment provides maximum control on precision cuts. Straight Edge Guide Attachment makes straight cuts up to 8-1/2 inches wide. Vacuum Adaptor Attachment controls dust. 2 Sabrecut for cutting in wood to fiberglass and 2 Guide Point Bits for controlled cuts in drywall. Canvass carrying/storage bag helps keep cutting tool, attachments and accessories conveniently organized.

Now remember if you can not get to a local Sears Outlet you can now shop online! You can order any single item up to 150 pounds (no refrigerators or stoves yet), and have it sent UPS to your home. Remember things sell out fast and once they are gone, they may never come back through. So hurry over and check out the Daily Deal Of The Day.

In case you are a Black Friday shopper, Sears Outlet will be opening up early on Friday November 26th. Check your local store for times as they will vary from Midnight, 5am & 7am depending on locations. Need to know what the deals will be? There is only 1 way to find out and that is to fan Sears Outlet on facebook. They have stated they will only leak the sales ad if they reach 4000 fans. I don’t know about you, but the words sale, leaked, and black friday sure do sound great !

Well thats all for now. Check out these great reviews below and watch for our first large appliance review from Wee Share. She will be telling us about a great 46 inch LCD Tv from Sears Outlet!

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I am the Sears Outlet Signature Mom Leader.

I received compensation in exchange for my honest view of product & store.

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  1. Too funny! I brought my husband too! Kids in a candy store I tell you! Looks like a great deal and find. My husband would love this too!

  2. Oh man would my husband love this…what a great find/deal…nice job Angela

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