Contigo Sippy Cup Review


I had the chance to review this most awesome sippy cup. Now when i was almost ready to pass it up when approached. I said no because i dont need another sippy fail on me. I cant clean my cars back seat as it is!! LOL.


But then i clicked on the link and watched the video they had for it. Amazed is not the word. I was like WOW, i NEED that cup for sure. So it arrived like super quick! (Kudos to that shipping department). I instantly put some water in (Just in case LOL) and tried it on Ariel. Let me say that not only does it NOT SPILL, but the button is easy enough for a 2 yr old. Not so easy that it can be bumped and spill, but totally easy enough to press and drink.

AUTOSEAL® Kids What happens when they outgrow their sippy cups but they don’t outgrow spilling? How about a kids mug they can’t spill even if they try? How about a mug that’s cool enough for the kids, with the performance moms and dads are looking for? AUTOSEAL® is cooler than a sippy cup, but impossible to spill and 100% leak-proof. Those are pretty bold claims, but they are what AUTOSEAL® is all about.

  • We know you’re looking for performance, while your kids want something that looks cool. That’s why we designed the AUTOSEAL® Kids Mug- the mug that makes both you and your child confident about the cup they carry.
  • While we might be restating the obvious, it’s worth repeating – AUTOSEAL® Technology automatically seals between sips.
  • This technology doesn’t require a manual. Push the button to sip, release the button to seal. It’s that simple.
  • 100% spill-proof. 100% leak-proof. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.
  • The perfect mug for your 4 to 12 year old – because they may outgrow their sippy cups, but they never outgrow spilling.

I decided to convince you myself, i would make a short video showing proof.

Would i buy more.. Oh HECK Yes!!!!!!! and they have thermos, hydration, coffee cups, and sippys.

They are excellent prices too. Consider for those Dora and Spongebob ones, your paying 5-10$ for one cup. For Contigo, you get a 2 pack of the sippy ones for $15.99!! Thats a great price for something that actually works. Going through all the products i think the most expensive product i seen was a thermal for $20. That is outstanding.


Contigo products are for savvy consumers who seek solutions to the daily challenges of their active lifestyles. Knowing that on-the-go beverages can be messy and complicated to use, Contigo developed a line of simple, yet functionally innovative, environmentally friendly drinkware to help people face life’s daily challenges. The products are stylish, yet resilient; sleek yet strong – the perfect combination of performance and grace. Contigo products give consumers the confidence they need to face the day and pride in knowing that they bought the best of the best.
Contigo recently developed a full line of drinkware featuring revolutionary patent-pending AUTOSEAL® technology that automatically seals between sips, forever changing the on-the-go beverage drinking experience. The products – thermal travel mugs, hydration bottles and kids mugs – are 100 percent leak-proof and spill-proof with superior insulation properties that keep beverages hot or cold longer.

Please visit for more on some great no spill products!


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