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iPlay, iLearn has a history of developing educational toys far beyond its creation. A life-long of experiences as a teacher and mother transformed their founder into a pioneer. Growing up in an ever-changing world, she recognized that the skills children needed to succeed were constantly changing, and the toys that facilitated parent-child interaction were changing. To extend meaningful play time and give children the opportunity to develop the skills they needed for the 21st century, iPlay, iLearn was created. All toys made will inspire a combination of skills: Collaboration & Teamwork, Creativity & Imagination, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving.

iPlay, iLearn also helps when it comes to traveling with kids. We, as parents, understand all too often that kids want some independence. What better way that to allow them a chance to have their own adorable (and sturdy!) travel backpack with rolling hard case luggage! 

These luggage sets come as a combo, no need to buy the backpack separate! I found them very durable, which is essential for traveling, especially overseas or during holiday travel. They were tested by CPSC and passed, they have ABS plastic but are lightweight. The luggage size is 18.5 x 11.5 x 8.5 (that is including the wheels and handle.) Should you not want to check the rolling bag, it will pass as a carry-on, so kids can feel not only independent but perhaps anxiety free knowing they have their special items close. The matching backpack is 13.5 x 10.5 x 4.5. The wheels are 4 direction and support 360 degree rolling (most adult ones don’t even offer that!). Kids can push or pull their bags.

These luggage sets are amazing to me. I really love how cute and strong they are. I would recommend them for any age from 2-12. Height should not matter too much since these have 3 step-adjustable telescopic handles.  

iPlay,iLearn Luggage

My daughter and her best friend selected their favorite pieces (shown above). They have a sleepover nearly every weekend and have dolls they bring. They both decided to use the backpacks for their doll clothes and the larger ones for their own. The inside of each bag can vary, but there is a lot of storage with interior mesh and zip elasticized pickets.


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  1. I just checked out iplay ilearn toys and love City Building Blocks Set, Track Builder Castle Kit, Car Racing Toy, 163 pcs DIY, I may even try to order them for Christmas. My daughter would love to have her own legos instead of using her brother’s.

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