Child Abuse Book Endorsed by Amber Child Safety & The Tiponi Foundation, Inc.


When authors Donna M. Kshir and Sandra Potter released, “The Child Abuse Survivor Project” controversy immediately surfaced believing the writing duo crossed the line by not only exposing abusers and their vindictive ways, but profiting on other people’s pain. Regardless of the opinion, skepticism or criticism, the book is both hard hitting and successful.

Kshir and Potter know firsthand the only way to fight child abuse is to deter those who abuse children by exposing the real truth behind the secrets they use to lure innocent children into their deceitful web. They also believe the public needs to know how manipulative and cruel abusers can be, how to fight back, and how to survive. As child abuse advocates they strongly believe education and knowledge is the key to prevention.

Throughout it all there has been one shining light through the tunnel of darkness, shedding light on this controversial book is an editorial review and Dreamcatcher endorsement from Mr. Tad A. Camp, the CEO of Amber Child Safety, LLC and the Director, The Tiponi Foundation, Inc.

Camp stated, “If you think horror stories only come from Hollywood, you have another thing coming.

“The Child Abuse Survivor Project contains true tales of abuse and the will to overcome as told by those who lived through unimaginable horrors. Reading this book, I found myself going through a wide range of emotions. I felt the sorrow, confusion, betrayal and desperation of the victims and rage against the monsters that inflected so much pain.

“In reading their stories, you will get a glimpse of the real monsters. These monsters did not come from some swamp or outer-space and they don’t attack teenagers on a camping trip. These monsters live next door and attack the most innocent among us…our children.”

Camp added, “I highly recommend this book to all parents and anyone who works with children so they can get a full understanding of the very real dangers that children face.”

Regardless of the ongoing controversy, Kshir and Potter never lost focus of their goal; educating the public on the signs, symptoms and long term effects of abuse.

Kshir who is best known for her controversial opinion stated, “Regardless what anyone thinks or believes our goal is to help children. I thank God every day that neither myself nor my children have ever been affected by abuse, but just because I have personally not been affected… doesn’t mean I will close my eyes and pretend abuse doesn’t happen.

“I don’t see how anyone can close their eyes or pretend child abuse does not exist when it is alive and stronger than ever. Statics are higher than ever before. Abusers are educated on how to manipulate children, and parents and children lack such a hardcore education.

“Regardless of anyone’s opinions or beliefs, abusers are usually well-known and liked by both you and your child. Abusers can be a parent, relative, family friend, teacher, or anyone. They can be a man or woman, married or single. They can hold any religious belief, and have any sexual preference.

“Education or intelligence doesn’t prevent them from molesting your child. Abusers can be a stable, employed, and a respected member of the community. They easily convince your child they are responsible for their wrongful behavior. They may threaten your child with physical violence against them, you, a pet, or loved one. They are good at manipulating children causing that child protect  them.

Kshir added, “I will never understand how or why people remain silent and voiceless, and allow child abuse to continue. What are we as a society going to do about it? How are we going to educate and protect our children or end child abuse if the issue remains unspoken?  The only option we have is to educate our children at an early age, so the cycle of abuse does not continue, and regardless what anyone says, thinks or believes that is exactly what Sandra (Ms. Potter) and I intend to do.”

The writing duo also released, “Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part…” This powerful story takes our reader through the vicious cycles of abuse, shattered dreams, broken promises and the brutal reality of the deadly effects of domestic violence. Both books are available at
Potter is the CEO and Founder of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, and Kshir was recently promoted from the Marketing Director to the President of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, which is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 child abuse organization.

A spokesperson for Kshir and Potter stated, the writing duo will release a second series of educational abuse books in January 2010.

** You can see all of Donna M. Kshir’s book selection on Amazon by clicking HERE**

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