Chevy Let Us Go Wild



Taking a “stay-cation” in our Chevy Equinox was fun. More so on actually getting to our destination. I swear combining my lack of driving skills with OnStar was more than frightening. Some how when OnStar said “You destination is on the right” I thought it was lost because that “entrance” was the highway. After another hour driving around, calling Wild Waves, and trying OnStar again, we found out that OnStar was correct and I was just severely blind and legally blonde. What I thought was a highway ramp was actually the road to the parking. Wow. But on the bright side, without OnStar I wouldn’t have even made it that far 😉

Once we arrived at Wild Waves Theme Park, my husband and daughter decided to go far more extreme than me. I am scared of anything that goes above my head and faster than I can run. So this roller coaster was out of my league. However I got some photos and my brilliant husband taped my daughters reaction.

When Chevy Sends You To Wild Waves, You Go Wild… from NW Chevy Girls on Vimeo.

Yea…that’s how I happy I feel driving my Chevy too….

Here are a few more photos of our fun day, including meeting Tony from 100.7 The Wolf, who was their promoting our Chevy Girls On The Go Campaign!

Click any photo to enlarge, hoover your mouse over pics for captions.

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Special Thanks to 100.7 The Wolf for providing the tickets.

The Chevy Girls On The Go Campaign is being sponsored by the Northwest Chevy Dealers. They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards for Girls On The Go Missions and a camera to video tape them with. All opinions expressed above and in any videos are my own.

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