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I love baby accessories, especially when they’re practical & functional.

Cheeky Baby

This is where Cheeky Tummy comes in.  At Cheeky Tummy, they have seen that the baby market is often dominated by large companies, not focusing on the day-to-day needs of moms & babies. Cheeky Tummy prides themselves in teaming up with actual moms to help design their product line.  What better way to find out what is needed, than from the moms themselves!

Currently, Cheeky Tummy covers three areas

Diaper Bags: They’ve tackled the complaints brought on by many moms. Not enough space in the bags or they simply just weren’t cute. Cheeky Tummy designed diaper bags that are spacious with lots of pockets & are appealing to the eye.

Breastfeeding Covers: For those moms who prefer using a cover while breastfeeding in public, Cheeky Tummy designed a line of covers that can be a comfortable fit for all moms & they double as car seat covers!

Baby Bibs: Instead of going the traditional bib-design route, Cheeky Tummy created soft bibs that are equal parts functional & fashionable.Cheeky Tummy Baby Bibs

I chose to review some of their bibs, the “Sofie” bundle of bandana bibs. The first thing I noticed was that these are super soft. There are two snaps on the back, so that baby can grow with the bibs. We’ve recently started baby food with the triplets, and these bibs are pretty absorbent, no food, drool or spit up leaked through onto their clothes. Which is a definite win for us! And finally, they held up in the wash very well too. They didn’t lose their softness or absorbance. I really like these bibs a lot, the patterns on them can be paired with their clothes, so that it looks like a complete outfit. And with bandana bibs being hot on the market right now, these are fashionable as well!  There are four bib bundles total, Blue, Rose, Sofie & Splash. They are priced at $24.95 but instead of the standard four bibs that most retailers have, you get six in these sets.


Press Sample I received product in exchange for my honest review.

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