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Last week another Chevy Girl (@MadHatterMom) showed me how she created a cool car magnet with the NW Chevy Girls logo and name. I thought it was brilliant. She helped create mine and now look at what I am sporting…

So on a side note, let me tell you about my OnStar adventure this week. I have had both good and bad with OnStar. Mostly good but lord when its bad its hilarious.

I have been using it to get to random stores and places, and figured it no different when I needed to get to a lady’s house on the base next to us. How freakin wrong was I. What should have taken 10 minutes, took over an hour and 3 calls to OnStar. (Let me mention I was laughing as I was lost, not at all upset). OnStar does not work on military bases (as some GPS’s don’t either). So I called and gave them the address. I figured it would take me to the main gate and then on to the house. Instead it took me to a back gate that was closed after 6pm. I asked to be rerouted and again it circled me to the closed gate. I called again once I got to the open gate. Ok, it should be easy right, I am on the base, just get me to the house. No. It then started repeating itself and calling the roads “Unnamed Road”. So all i could hear was “Sharp turn on unnamed road” over and over. It was like it was stuck! I finally just called my mom and had her talk to me till i was home. I laughed so hard because it really was funny, but lord I will never use OnStar on our military base again.

Now on the bright side, I love having OnStar everywhere else. It is so freakin easy to use and Its nice to just press the button and ask someone to direct your car somewhere. Basically you just drive the car and then a voice from god comes through the speakers and tells you where to go. How much easier can it be?

I am not sure if OnStar comes standard on most cars or if it cost extra per year, but I would pay for the feature in a heart beat. It is so much simpler than a darn GPS and much more fun to work with. Where else can you drive and talk to strangers about how to find a sparkly vampire?

Untitled from NW Chevy Girls on Vimeo.

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The Chevy Girls On The Go Campaign is being sponsored by the Northwest Chevy Dealers. They are letting me test drive a car for one month and providing me with gift cards for Girls On The Go Missions and a camera to video tape them with. All opinions expressed above and in any videos are my own.

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