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2015 Nissan NV Passenger Van “Hit the Road” Contest

Hit The Road Nissan Contest
Enter Hit the Road Contest! Your family could win a 2015 Nissan NV Passenger Van 24-month Lease!! Are you America’s most adventurous family? Then enter Hit...

HomeHero- In Home Health Care Services

HomeHero Senior Care
Senior home care can be very important and a decision not lightly made. In those moments where there is no other option, perhaps jobs &...

#UHCCF Unveils New Inspirational Children’s Book to Help Families in Need

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) unveiled its new children’s book, “Oliver & Hope’s Superhero Saturday,” this past weekend at the North American International Toy Fair...

Get the Facts About Valentine’s Day from Ebates

Keep Your Baby Safe From Germs with UviCube ! #KickstartUviCube

Only 38 days left and already UviCube has reached over $26,400! What is UviCube? Its this magical box that dries & disinfects a number of...

Non-Invasive CoolSculpting Cosmetic Dermatology

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 8.52.19 PM
Most moms have some extra baby handles that just won’t go away no matter how hard you work out. Yoga, running, weights. It’s those curves...

Pride Mobility is there for Family.

I love the sense of family. It doesn’t have to be that traditional “blood is family” type. We are military and move often, so we mean...

The Cost: Why to #ShopTobaccoFREE

Shop Tobacco Free
Most people see the cost of smoking as just a number or dollar sign. Many people don’t attribute “cost” to that of the health of...

Monitor your child’s data usage with My Data Manager Shared Plan App

My Data Manager App 2
Keeping on top of everyone’s mobile bills can be a job in itself, an expensive one at that! This is why many households have started switching... Review & Coupon Codes

I am so glad my new book from arrived so quickly. I was a little worried on how well it would have come out,...