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For as long as I have grown up, I’ve always been taught Pearls were of high value, not just monetary but by societies standards. Pearls actually go back to when the ancient Egyptians prized pearls so much they were buried with them. Cleopatra reportedly dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a wager that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal. Not so sure I could have done that! And, In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. 

Unfortunately, these sea-grown gems resulted in near depletion by the 17th century. Until the early 1900’s, natural pearls were accessible only to the rich and famous. In 1916, famed French jeweler Jacques Cartier bought his landmark store on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue — by trading two pearl necklaces for the valuable property. Thankfully, pearls are now available and affordable to all. This includes the Akoya Pearl, which is cultured in the Akoya oyster. This mollusk is found and farmed primarily in Japan and China. Akoyas are known for their wonderful luster and are considered the classic pearl.

AOS Design Inc is known around the world and at on the Disney forums/boards as the “go to” when purchasing specialty jewelry called “pearl cages”. A pearl cage is just as it sounds, something that holds your pearl. Typically when people visit Epcot’s Japan exhibit, there is an “Open An Oyster” section. But it’s nice to purchase the jewelry to hold the pearl before you visit to either save on the cost of the pearl cage or get a special design created. If you aren’t headed to Disney anytime soon, no worries because AOS Design now offers the ability for people to purchase either an Akoya or freshwater oyster with a pearl from their store on Etsy.

AOS Design oysters come from Japan and have an amazing grade of pearls in many unique colors. Most have a value of $25-50. AOS Design also certifies the pearl as the creator is a Graduate of Pearls with the GIA and they are members of the Cultured Pearl Association, The Jewelers Board of Trade, the American Gem Trade Association, Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association and several others. Being part of so many trade organizations, they do have to adhere to strict guidelines. (Which is a good thing for consumers!)

Check out how to open an oyster (and see the colors of the pearls!)


AOS Design also creates various Disney jewelry including princess, Rapunzel, Tangled, Aurora, Snow White, Queen of Hearts & Cinderella rings. The prices range from $2-$45

I love this for a unique gift! How much fun would it be to have a grandma, mom or your sister/friend have their very own “Pick A Pearl Kit”. It’s a Freshwater Pearl in Mollusk Shell, included in a sealed tin can with an easy to open pop top. The mollusk has one pearl in it, (could possibly have two but they say that is rare). The colors are random, could be pink, white, black, purple, peach, etc. 

Now is your chance to WIN your own Oyster Kit and Pearl Cage!

Pick Your Own Pearl Kit


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