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Due to the winner not being able to use the Carbonite Backup Service (Non- Intel Mac computers)I have had to draw a new winner for this giveaway.  Our second chance winner is:

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1st Winner not able to use the service was:


My laptop is getting older and I am worried about all the files and photos that I have stored on it and have only sporadically backed it up over the years. logo_main1I have some photos and files saved here and there, some online, some on portable storage, some on DVD’s etc… would I be able to find eveything if something happened to my laptop? No – I sure wouldn’t! I started having trouble with my laptop locking up or shutting down a few weeks ago. I’ve run all the anti-virus software and I’m sure that’s not the problem. My laptop is old, the ports, card readers etc… barely even work anymore if at all. So what to do about all of this precious data, photos and files I have saved on here? I started asking around and received a few suggestions and then someone mentioned a company called Carbonite.

An online backup for my computer? I was not really sure about this option… how safe would my date be? Would I be able to access it from somewhere else if my laptop gives out? How complicated would that be? As much as I use my computer, handle computer issues from coworkers and blog you would think that I know more about the technical stuff then I really do. I decided it would be worth checking Carbonite out. I went to their website and read up on what they had to say about their service. It sounded pretty good to me, but in my research of online backup services as a whole – well let me just say there are a whole lot of conflicting opinions. The majority all agreed though that you should not rely on only one source for your backing up your data, and online storage is a good option to use in addition to what you can do at home.

I emailed Carbonite to see if they would be interested in working with me on a review of their service. Obviously, they said yes! The installation and startup was super easy! Anyone can install the Risk Free Trial directly from their site. I just had to download and install the Carbonite application and that was basically it. I have not had to do anything else with it. After you install the applicaiton you will see the Carbonite lock icon in the system tray. The lock shows yellow until your backup is complete and up to date. I can tell you that my initial backup has been running several days, almost two weeks in fact. It runs in the background when you are using your computer (which I do a majority of the time) and speeds up the backup process when your computer is idle. I can also tell you that as I am writing up this review, my lock has just turned green and it says that my backup is now complete!

I will be updating this review in a few weeks once I have the opportunity to try restoring some of my newly backed up files or maybe loading them on to a new laptop!

I would like to share how Carbonite assures that your data is safe:

Carbonite encrypts all files before sending them to the data center. Carbonite goes to great lengths to ensure that user data and identity are never compromised – to do so could jeopardize Carbonite’s entire business.

Carbonite uses Blowfish encryption – the strongest encryption on the market today. Your key is encrypted and stored on a separate secure server that is not connected to the Internet – a standard technique used by banks and credit card processors. The compressed and encrypted files are sent to Carbonite’s data center over a secure SSL link, the same encrypted link used for online purchasing transactions. The Carbonite data center is located in Boston in New England’s largest and most secure co-location facility. Everything is redundant. Carbonite stores data on industrial 1-terabyte drives (not cheap consumer-grade drives). Carbonite uses RAID-6 redundant arrays which spread copies of the data across multiple hard drives. Each array has 16 drives. Carbonite employs the most sophisticated firewalls and intrusion detection systems available. It retains a professional hacker firm to attack the data center constantly, looking for security holes, and seeks to have the same level of security as the best banks. The data center is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and admission is controlled by fingerprint ID locks.


Three of the 16 would have to fail simultaneously and the user’s PC would have to crash at the same time before any data would be lost. Our RAID-6 arrays are 36,000,000 times more reliable than the hard drive in your computer. We have redundant power, redundant Internet connections, redundant Web servers and so forth.

BUY IT: Carbonite offers one year of unlimited automatic secure backup storage for $54.95.

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Carbonite has generously offered one lucky MommyPR readers a one year subscription for unlimited backup service.
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Go to the Carbonite site and look around. Come back here and tell me something you learned from their service. Required before any extra entries

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