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This is the third installment about why I joined the New Year New Me challenge using CalorieStory application as my much needed push to keep my weight in check due to pregnancy. CalorieStory is my favorite calorie counting/tracking application out there in my social media world. I log into facebook almost as many times more than I eat. It’s easy just to check in for a second, enter the food, click add and move on to all the hot gossip friend statuses going on out there.

This week I was dead set on accomplishing my mini goal of working out 3 times a week or more. This weekend my body decided to take a turn for the worst. I have been on bed rest for the whole week, but I haven’t even been able to do a thing I planned to do because the pain level was just that great. So counting my calories has become the key to my success. I had planned to continue to attack the YogaPulse system of DVD’s. While weight loss isn’t my goal quite at this moment, the slimming, strengthening, calming, health–enhancing, and centering are the tings I want to focus on…The weight loss will just have to be something that comes after the baby is born. I don’t know if you have ever noticed this, but many people participating in yoga and/or other exercise seem to look younger. I think it has something to do with those endorphins and keeping the skin tight. Release those endorphins and change the mood. I know I always think I am going to hate working out, but with the right program/DVD/Gym/partner it becomes a great time.

A very important aspect of working out is the right clothing. Since I am pregnant and working with a Chiropractor to keep my body baby ready, Yoga has been my exercise of choice. If you have been out there shopping you might notice that the tank and pants can leave one feeling a bit more exposed than most women are comfortable with. I know that when I am in a class I don’t want to have my belly hanging out or my crack showing to all those besides me or behind me. Our Love Yoga is a wonderful hand picked clothing line that is inspired by the desire to have the perfect yoga attire. I received a purple tank that is probably 6″ longer than any other shirt I own in my closet. The shirt is beautifully decorated and is soft, ribbed, breathable fabric perfect for any workout. It covers everything that you want covered including your chest…No one wants to pull a Janet Jackson at the gym.

I have been drinking GoodBelly to get my digestive tract in line. So far I am enjoying the shots of blueberry acai berry juice, probiotic and vitamins. I went out of town this weekend and missed two days of the 12 day challenge..Let me tell you, I can really feel a difference. Not only do I feel groggy and a lack of energy, I have noticed a big difference in the way my tummy (and lower) are feeling. If you don’t like the idea of yogurt to get the healthy back then this is the perfect way for you to reap the benefits.

Being a mom that is always running around, taking the time to stop and take care of my own health and diet can fall into the back ground. Having a great tasting snack like Larabar is a great way to get the much needed on the go push of healthy while tricking your taste buds into thinking your eating cakes and pies. I am a huge dessert fan and these bars are awesome when I want to order a 1200 calorie dessert from Chili’s. I also received a black shirt (always slimming) that is perfect for working out or shopping my favorite grocery isle. I always appreciate a good staple like a soft cozy shirt.

Besides counting calories with CalorieStory it is important to know what and when to put certain items into our mouths. The Carb Lovers Diet isn’t just a book based on ides, it is based on research. This book gives you the tools to build healthy a combination of carbs into your meal. I’ll discuss this book more next week have a chance to get your own copy.

Don’t forget, you can win these great items I’ve talked about by just joining the CalorieStory New Year New Me challenge on facebook. It’s quick, easy and painless…plus there are even more chances to win on twitter! Join me, I would love to see you using the hashtag #NewYearNewMe to let me know what you have planned to achieve a healthier you.

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Disclaimer: I have received product for review purposes. I am not a medical professional, all opinions are my own. In no way have my personal beliefs been altered.

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