Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving {Miracle Momas}


We have all heard about designated driver programs for people who are “drunk” but there has been a rise in the information put out about “Buzzed Driving” because I think we can all agree. We aren’t all doctors and we don’t know our true limits. So please be safe, don’t drive buzzed, drunk, tipsy or any of the above.


Check out this great info from Miracle Momas that you can share with a friend or keep in mind for yourself.

Sign the pledge against “buzzed driving”




I was not paid for this post. Passing it on for a great cause.

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  1. What a great message! Since we all have different definitions of “buzzed”, simply put don’t drink and drive, regardless of the amount. It’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry and not worth the risk.

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