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Welcome to a giveaway from our second home. Ooops. I mean from the place we visit so often that it should be our second home. Yea, we are a bit of a Build A Bear hoarder. We don’t buy the ones that come out “just because” though. When we visit, the girls usually just navigate towards the ones that seem to call their name. Whether its the $10 bear, or the $23 reindeer, each one is chosen for a special reason to them. I would say we have a collection of maybe 20 Build A Bears/Rabbits/Puppies. Half talk, half don’t, all have clothes and a place to sleep. We actually had to go through all the other stuffed animals just to make room for these!

Secretly, I really think Its me who has the problem, not the kids lol. But Build A Bear does hold special for at least 1 reason with my oldest. See, being in the military, we move often. So friendships for our kids can come and go very fast. Jasmyne has an ultimate BFF named Brooklyn. She lived next door to us for a while and they quickly became inseparable. Traveling to Disneyland, Oregon, and all around Washington with Brooklyns Grandma or both the families. We all became a huge family and the bond was felt very strong. However as with all good things, it had to be torn apart by a move. Brooklyn and her family were relocated to another state…too far to drive. Before they left, the two exchanged surprise gifts. Both had created a special Build A Bear complete with custom voices. Each bear was completely unique with a sound that no other stuffed animal could hold a candle to. They can now listen to each others voice across the miles, at any time. Hugs will always be available and the friendship bond will be forever.

Another bond it created was when our niece and nephew sadly lost their mom this year, we shipped off their very first Build a Bears as comfort. They loved them so much, we sent off 2 more for their birthdays. We will def continue through 2012 since each new bear can mean something special to them :- )

These are just 2 of the reasons I love and will continue to support BAB. Not to say that Build A Bear is only presented during sad times. We go often just for a giggle or to have a girls day. Once we went to get the new Smurf editions (Smurf lovers here) and went to the nail salon after to get our nails done blue!

Build A Bear invited my daughters and I to come visit them for the Holidays. I happen to go on a great day, our store was having 25% off any animal! Jasymne picked a blue winter bear and Ariel chose Clarice from the classic Rudolph movie. (If you pick her, she talks and glows already! No extra pieces needed). Each animal has a price, they start at $10- $25 in store (online may differ, but all their animal prices online are the same as the ones in their stores. Although online they do often have different promotions and sales, so for people who don’t live near a store they can still get great deals. Plus, you can order your animals unstuffed or stuffed so if there is a great deal online you can still have the in store experience-US only.). Plus the selection can change with holidays or events. Personally I am glad neither wanted the Orange Hello Kitty at Halloween. I thought she was a tad too Orange lol. I love the Pink version though. Anyways, we choose not to get a voice this time, just because I really cant clean them too well with those added (as much as I love hearing “I believe in magic” song 100xs a day from our Smurfette). Plus Clarice already had a sound anyways. Off to stuff our reindeer. Now Ariel is super shy and hardly ever does the heart steps and stuffing. You are suppose to grab a heart for your bear (free) and rub it to keep it warm, kiss it for love, rub your forehead to make it smart, and then make a wish (plus a few other fun ones). Jas usually has to do it for both lol, double fun for her. After stuffing, you can make your way over to the bath (a fake bath that blows air and you can brush your bear clean). Finally, you need some undies and clothes, because no naked bears are coming home (I lie, sometimes mom just has to bring em home naked because the wallet is empty lol). Today we bought a jingle bell collar, santa hat, beard, and a reindeer shirt. Don’t forget to name your animal too! (Side note- should you ever lose your bear, BAB has a special ID program to find you!)

Now I do want to add a part to all you parents who are thinking about the prices. Use Coupons and sign up for their Stuff Fur Stuff Rewards. You earn points for every $1 you spend online or in store. After $100 is spent, you will get a $10 voucher in your email and it can be used with a coupon. Also, ask for their free hair bows (They are pretty unlimited and come in a million colors) Let me give you a great example:

At this shopping trip, they had all stuffed animals for 25% off. If you bought $30 or more, you could buy a $10 GC for $5 and/or a Christmas bear (pre stuffed) for only $5. I paid for my 2 animals, reached over $30 so I added both the gift card and the extra bear (perfect for Toys for Tots), used a $5 off $25 coupon and only paid $34.85 for all that. Then I put my bear clothes up as my second order. A couple pieces were on sale (I actually did not know), and it all came to $14.56, I used my $10 gc and only paid out of pocket $4.56! Plus I earned my SFS points on all that, making me another step closer to more free vouchers.

To find BAB coupons, try and sign up for BAB emails.

My only hope for an improvement- I hope they embrace a military discount all year round.

Here are our photos from our trip:

Click any picture to enlarge :- )

1 Winner will get a $50 Gift Card to Build A Bear & 1000 Build A Bearville points!



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