BuggyLOVE Review


BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit includes :

  • FreshLOVE
  • PolishLOVE
  • FabricLOVE
  • WheelLOVE
  • Re-usable To-Go Bag
  • Wheel Scrub Brush
  • Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth
I don’t have a stroller, so I opted to gift this to my neighbor who recently had a baby. I know when I did have a stroller, anyway to clean it meant a long all day process. Taking it apart was easy, but putting it back together was such a pain, it was almost easier to buy another stroller. At least with BuggyLOVE you can clean your whole stroller from top to bottom with products that are easy to even carry with you. Plus did I mention, all their “LOVE” items are all natural. No more squeaky wheels, spit up problems, or even urine smells.
If you are thinking of this for a friend, it comes in a really nice box. Add a bow and you have a generous gift for any mom on the go.
You just saved her a days worth of headache, back pain and a ton of curse words.
I received product(s) for my review ( Rachel Florio PR)

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