Brinno’s Peephole Viewer Review

Do you have peephole issues?  In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m speaking of the small little peephole on my front door – my visibility to the outside world. I’m sure we’d all agree that having a peephole on our front door is vital, but why are they so small and difficult to see through? Who really wants to press their face up against the door every time there’s a knock from a neighbor? Or who wants to alert the person outside that you’ve just stepped in front of the door because the light in the peephole turns black, signifying that someone is looking out at them?

Brinno’s solved these peephole problems with their Digital Peephole Viewer! I was recently sent a peephole viewer to test for myself, and I must admit that it’s changed my life. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but this peephole viewer is a must have on any front door I live behind. To start off, the installation was a breeze. The package came with step-by-step instructions that even the non-handy woman like me could easily understand and follow. It took me longer to run and grab the screwdriver than it did to actually install the peephole. All I had to do was unscrew my old peephole, screw in the Brinno base for the digital peephole viewer, tighten it with the tool included in the box, and slide on the digital screen. I will admit that I ran into a small issue, but it was easily fixed. My peephole is only inches below a half-moon window at the top of my front door. Around the edges of the window is a border, which ended up being a little in the way when I went to slide on the digital screen. In order to get the screen on, I had to turn the base ever-so-slightly, but I was able to tighten the screen in place with an included screw to ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere. I could have disassembled the window frame to get the screen in place with no snags, but I was too excited to get my peephole on the door that I just couldn’t wait any longer!

After set up, I tested it out right away. Simply push the button (I found that I have to hold the button down for a second before the screen actually turns on – otherwise if you push it too quickly, it’ll flicker a bit but won’t turn on). Once you push the button, a clear view of what’s happening outside your front door is displayed. You can see SO MUCH MORE with Brinno’s peephole viewer than you can with a conventional peephole viewer! And in case you really want to see up close who is outside your door, once you have the screen on you can push the button again to zoom in! After 10 seconds, the screen automatically shuts itself off. I was so impressed and astounded with the picture, the ease of use, the ease to install and the convenience of the peephole viewer.

I’ve had multiple people visit my house since I’ve installed the peephole viewer, and every single person to exit my house has asked me what’s on my door. I‘ve gotten in the habit now of simply responding with “push the button” and I wait for the surprise and excitement of my guests. I have no doubt that it will only be a matter of time before everyone on my street has a Brinno peephole viewer because I cannot speak highly enough of this great product!