Brea Reese Art Sets

I received Brea Reese art products to give my honest review.

Does your child love art? Have you ever dreamed of testing out some new art skills? Check out Brea Reese Art Sets to test some new materials and become the best artist you can be! I tried out several of these sets and loved all of them. Here are some of the kits I was able to try!

Watercolor Ink Kit

What is it:
From the Website, “Brea Reese Watercolor Ink is quick drying, luminous and transparent with high tinting strength. You can use the colors individually or mix together to make more colors.”

My Take:
I really enjoyed this set. I used it with a 9 year old. She found them to be fun to use because they weren’t her usual art supply. She also liked that the kit came with an idea of what she could make. After using this she really felt like a real artist. The product was easy to set up, use and clean up!

Watercolor Creams Set

What is it:
From the website, “The Brea Reese Cream Stick Set is perfect for drawing on a dry surface or blending wet like a water color. Use similar techniques you would use with watercolors while using the Cream Sticks. These artist quality, classic colors will help take your artwork to the next level!”

My Take:
I loved these! The colors were great and the Creams were easy to you. You simply draw with the cream which is almost like a pastel and then you can use a brush and water to blend the colors.

21 piece Watercolor Paint Kit

What is this?
From the website, “Use these Brea Reese Watercolor Tubes the same way you would a regular watercolor pan! Dilute the paint with water and use a waterbrush or regular paint brush dipped in water to create your masterpiece! The Brea Reese Watercolor Tubes are highly pigmented with rich color and are great to use with any watercolor paper, panel, or canvas.”

My Take:
I thought this was a great product and a great introduction to art for kids. I used this with a nine year old and they loved being able to mix the paints to their liking. Their picture turned out so great!

These Brea Reese products and many others can be found in the art section at Target. Check out our Instagram to see the art projects we did with these products.