Bistro MD Diet: Update 3


It’s been a couple weeks since my last update, but I’m still losing! Losing weight, that is.

I was reading through my past reviews and I realized that I haven’t provided much detail about Bistro MD the company, not just the food. From my past reviews, you can see just how much I love the food, but let me share with you now the reasons I love the company as well!

When I first started the diet, I was concerned about the amount of packaging and how non-green I would be for throwing so much trash in the garbage. I very quickly learned after the first week that I’m making far less garbage than I imagined and I’m recycling more than ever! A week’s worth of food shows up on my doorstep every Thursday or Friday (or like this past week it showed up on Saturday due to the massive snow delays). A cardboard box with a styrofoam cooler and a smaller cardboard box inside – I recycle or re-use the cardboard boxes and I list the coolers on Freecycle for others to use. I could recycle the styrofoam coolers, but figure I’d give others the opportunity to get good use out of them before they get recycled. So far a church group and a children’s group that goes camping frequently have truly appreciated the coolers! Like I said, if I couldn’t give them away, I could easily recycle them as well.

Inside the cooler is each meal individually package. This packaging was what originally concerned me regarding my carbon footprint. Each lunch meal is packaged in a plastic container (like the food meals you see in the freezer department at the grocery store) with a plastic liner on top and a thick paper sleeve for easy stacking in the cooler. The plastic tray and paper sleeve both make it to the recycling bin so the only thing I throw away is the thin plastic liner! I’m throwing LESS in the garbage and recycling MORE than I was before my time on Bistro MD when I was preparing all my meals with ingredients wrapped in too many non-recyclable materials.

I also have to mention the fact that I rarely wash the dishes anymore because the only things getting dirty on my diet are utensils. This drastically cuts back on the amount of water I use! Bistro MD makes it easy to live green while eating like a queen, or king!

Besides the packaging, I also love that Bistro MD is completely customizable. First you choose your own plan: 1. five days of meals with no snacks, 2. five days of meals with two snacks a day, 3. seven days of meals with no snacks, or 4. seven days of meals with two snacks a day. After ordering, you review your meals – if you don’t like a certain food, you can easily replace any meal on your plan with another meal you do like. Even once the food has arrived at my door, it’s easy for me to make a quick switch if absolutely necessary. For instance, this week I won’t be able to eat meat on Wednesday or Friday. Since I have a couple chicken dishes planned for these two days, I’ll make a couple switches with other days in the week so I’m eating vegetarian or fish meals on Wednesday and Friday. (Bistro MD suggests you follow the plan and not stray like I do, I’m such a bad influence).

Other great aspects of Bistro MD include automatic renewal so there’s no need to log on every week and re-order; you are still allowed to drink beverages besides water (coffee, tea, milk, etc) as long as you limit yourself to 2 non-water beverages a day; the Bistro MD diet is perfect for those with diabetes; and Bistro MD displays the nutritional info on each meal so it’s easy for you to see just how healthy and satisfying every meal really is!

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