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I was recently given the opportunity to review some of the sun care products from Beyond Coastal . I was very interested in trying out this sun screen because living in the south we need some serious sun block! I worry about proper sun protection for my kids whenever we are outside. With full sun and temps routinely in the 90’s now, we go through a lot of sunscreen!

We all know why careful application of sun protection is important right? We know that skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the U.S. and that more than 1 million people are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer each year. But all experts agree that skin cancer is largely preventable! So why then will one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime?

Did you know that one blistering sunburn episode as a child more than doubles your chances of developing skin cancer later in life? I remember a few times as a child having a really bad sunburn. I want to be very careful that the same thing doesn’t happen to my girls!

We spent the entire day Saturday outside at a friends pool. Before we left we all applied the Beyond Coastal Sun Protection products. I used the Kids SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen on the girls along with the Lip and Face Screen on their faces and lips. Rylee looked pretty cute because this showed up pink on her Asian skin. She thought it was awesome! We’ve not been out much because of the high heat and humidity so the rest of us have had very little full sun exposure this summer.


My husband and I used the Natural Sunscreen in the SPF 30. I am very happy to say that this sunscreen seemed to hold very well even with all the time we spent in the water! You can tell when you apply it that this sunscreen is not just going to wash right off. I am very happy to report that none of us had any traces of sunburn! Not even after we spent the next day outside again at a local lake!

So why Beyond Coastal? Let me share some information about the founder (from Beyond Coastal’s site):
Born in the Surf, Raised in the Mountains
Years of sun exposure and the ensuing effects drove Shawn Biega to start Beyond Coastal. A skier and surfer, who enjoyed being outdoors, he was disappointed with greasy, chemical laden formulas, claiming broad spectrum protection. Being out in the elements every day his skin was taking a beating and too many friends were developing skin cancer. He had to wonder if he was next.  He was searching for a sun care system that was good for the skin, yet performed in the harsh conditions of the surf and slopes. One of his friends worked at a small lab in California and his quest began. Years of research and testing (on himself, not animals!) in surf breaks, skate parks and on the slopes finally led to the creation of
Beyond Coastal in 2006. Two years later the company moved to Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. We miss the surf but we love the skiing. The outdoor opportunities are plentiful in Utah but the sun is harsh. This combination continues to spur our search for ever better sun care. We are dedicated to making sun care products for the active outdoor lifestyle. Our formulas are proven every day in the water, on the snow and in the mountains by outdoor athletes like you. Recommended by dermatologists, FDA approved, environmentally friendly, and as natural as can be; we hope you will give our formulas a try. You can find Beyond Coastal in stores (Where to Buy) throughout the US and internationally or you can order online at
UPDATE: Let me tell you that I am even more impressed with this sunscreen now!  The weekend after we spent all of this time in the sun and water we spent the day outside at a horse show.  We used the sunscreen we had in our bag, which is a common popular brand of SPF 30.  This time we were not in and out of the water, but instead were in and out of the shade.  Three of the four of us ended up with varying degrees of sunburn!  I was shocked because we applied it more often than we had the Beyond Coastal sunscreen and we were not in and out of the water to “wash it off”.  I can tell you honestly that Beyond Coastal offers you serious sun protection!


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