Many women want to stay fit through the years, but it becomes more difficult to keep up with the fitness routine after having a child or children when you are constantly bogged down with the little ones. It’s summer already, and you can get back to your fitness routine once again with the right baby stroller.

For women who end up having twins or who have children who are quite close in age, the stress even doubles and consequently, staying fit becomes harder. However, getting the dreamer design jogging stroller this summer will make it easier for mothers with twins and kids who are small enough to fit into a stroller to stick to their fitness routine. What you need to do is get to know the necessary details you should watch out for before buying one. Although you are buying the stroller for your kid, you are helping yourself also. So, you need to consider both yourself and your kid carefully.

You need to choose a jogging stroller that best fits your lifestyle. If you were not an avid jogger before pregnancy and you don’t have a plan to start being one, there’s no point in buying a high-end jogging stroller.

It is important to know first that a regular stroller is quite different from a jogger stroller although they may look like they are the same. The jogging stroller is made with speed in mind just because you will reach a higher speed when jogging than when taking a stroll. It is designed to have more leg room as you stride; it has one front wheel for easy control and also has straps for control in case you can’t keep up with the stroller at high speed.

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Here are some other things to look out for in a jogging stroller;

  • Pneumatic (air-filled) Rubber Tires

Jogging strollers have larger back wheels and smaller front wheel. They have pneumatic tires to bear the shock when they climb on bumps. Regular joggers have mostly plastic tires with no shock reduction. The bigger back wheels also ensure less rolling resistance, so, long runs require less effort.

  • Fixed Front Wheel

Jogging strollers are typically designed with fixed or locked front wheel as opposed to a regular stroller with spinning wheels such that if you try running with it, you lose control in no time. It creates a wobbling movement which may cause it to tip over. This feature ensures the safety of your kids and yourself.

  • Cup Holders

This is a very interesting feature for the jogger. It’s much comforting to have easy access to a water bottle while exercising. It keeps you hydrated and keeps you going. Make sure to use the cup holders for cool liquids only and not hot liquids while jogging with the stroller.

  • Parking Brake

This is another safety feature designed to keep the stroller halted even after you let go. Ensure to engage the parking brake every time you park and just before you let go.

  • Safety Tether

The safety has one end attached to the stroller while the other end is worn around your wrist. There are points when you run to a particular speed that you are unable to control the set speed of the stroller or when you run down a steep slope; the stroller gets into a higher motion. The strap ensures to avoid the stroller straying from you.

  • Wheel Distance

Jogging strollers are designed with the front wheel distant away from the baby’s seat and center of gravity. It allows the front wheel to transfer less stress to the baby when it climbs any bump.

  • Five-Point Harness

Just like infants car seat, the stroller seat should have a harness that goes over the shoulders, around the hip, and between the legs to keep the child secure in case of any crash.

  • Reclining Seat

The jogging stroller seat should be at a reclining angle. This, in combination with the harness, helps to prevent the baby from thwarting forward in case of any sudden halt. Jogging time can also be a perfect time for a nap for the little one, the reclining seat makes this possible.

  • Under-seat Storage Basket

This is located directly under the baby’s seat, to put items that either you or your child may need as you go jogging. It helps to keep the stroller stable with a lower center of gravity.

Your fitness jogging routine doesn’t have to suffer after the birth of your child, even as a mother of twins, get the right jogging stroller or the best double jogging stroller. Get it out, keep jogging and make this summer count.