Yep thats me in that picture (avoid starring directly at me, it may burn a scary picture in your head LOL). What is that green bag you ask? Its a diaper bag! Can you believe it? Something that small and compact is a diaper bag! You dont even have to take it off. It hangs on you like a messenger bag, the you just unzip it and snap it around your waist. You dont have to hold the baby with one hand, reach down with other and TRY and do the other million things with the 10 hands you have.. Oh you dont have 10 hands??? Well good for you a wonderful dad invented this new bag then! Baggino is perfect for those moms made with 1-2 completely full hands. (LOL)

Baggino’s mission is to design products that make everyday life easier for parents.

Our one-of-a-kind diaper bags, bibs and accessories were created to make the everyday life of modern parents easier while making babies comfortable.

Designed by a dad who travels everywhere with her baby, Baggino products offer practical new designs and stylish innovations for changing and feeding baby anytime, anywhere. Unique, upscale and undeniably better, Baggino meets the changing needs of a changing generation. Mini diaper bag features the same innovative mechanism for instant converting from messenger bag style to hands-free changing belt for total control and convenience when changing baby

• Solves the problem of having to put diaper bag on unsanitary surfaces, floors or cramped spaces (like airplane, rest stop or public bathrooms) which makes this baby bag the ideal companion for any form of travel

• Provides easy access to baby supplies for total control and convenience. Features individual compartments for storing diapers, wipes, lotions and more

• Easily converts from attractive shoulder bag to super-practical waist belt for total control and convenience when changing baby

• Features individual compartments for keeping baby supplies organized and easily accessible. Two-sided zipper allows bag to become reversible with instant access to baby items

• Includes comfortably padded changing pad and instant-access wipe compartment

• Adjustable shoulder strap fits easily over stroller bar

• Sized to fit into larger bags to minimize carry-on luggage when traveling

• Stain-resistant, wipeable material



What i loved about this bag (oh by the way i tested the Junior bag) was that the snap closure that went around you, was soooo awesomely thought thru for moms of ALL sizes. Yes if your a perfect 0- to a plumpy 13 (me!) and beyond you can fit this. I love when companies consider that mommies come in all different sizes and shapes. So big kudos to Baggino for that feature.

Inside are tons of pockets for diapers, wipes, bottles, even store some mommy items in to have less baggage from a purse.
Price- $49 Compared to most diaper bags i see, seems about average.
My downfall- I would like to see a more comfortable strap on the newer version.


I also was able to review the Learners Bib. Well rule one with this bib..never forget it on a trip to the zoo and your daughter has an orange ice cream. Ya, thats not pretty lol. This bib is not only soft but it fits like a tshirt! Made from Terry cloth..yaaaa soffttt. The Learners Bib has a velcro back and the sleeves are elastic so theres no slipping and getting info food. And one size fits all!
Price- $12.50 very reasonable i thought since they could use it for quite some time not just as infants.
Downfall- none, maybe some fun print styles would be my only suggestion.


Retail Value for the Combination Bag is $129.00
Retail Value for the Junior Bag is $49.00