I have the most horrible posture. It’s not even considered  posture. Its the Hunchback of Notre Dame seriously. I have tried over 2 handfuls of products to no avail so I thought I would give BackJoy a whirl also.It has a pretty simple and self explanatory use. Just position it under your dairy-air and sit. It’s suppose to instantly force your body in a perfect posture stance.


For me, I didn’t see a difference. I don’t know if its just from having years of bad posture or maybe I just didn’t notice any difference. I have heard people swear by this simple product though. I see they have different lines so maybe I will try another (in PINK!).

Now I did notice they have a BackJoy Kneeler and I am very interested in that with my Runners Knee right now. I may have to review it and let you know what I think!
Have any of you tried the BackJoy lines? What did YOU think?


I received product to help with my review.