Back To School – abHair

With two daughters in the house, the never-ending fun of dressing up, makeup nights, nail painting and hair fun doesn’t stop. I have always enjoyed wigs and hair pieces to add length, color, and volume. So it’s no surprise that my girls were jumping for joy when abHair reached out with wig reviews. 

They both decided on colorful additions, the youngest selecting a rainbow loose curl wig that looks like Rainbow Bright and My Little Pony smashed together. Perfect for princess costume dress-up time. The oldest had a seriously hard time deciding, and I was no help. We both loved nearly every wig. She finally selected an amazing lace front wig; Grey Multi Color Ombre 22 inch Wavy Wig. 

The Ombre multi-color wig is heat friendly, soft synthetic wig featuring capless construction with an adjustable perimeter. You can use styling tools at a temperature below 200 degrees, and dry shampoo or setting powder to eliminate unwanted shine. Plus its a lace front meaning its a special type of hairpiece in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp. These wigs are extremely beneficial to have. Lace wigs are popular because they look exceedingly natural, and in most cases, a bystander would be none the wiser that you have a wig on. 


What I loved about both wigs, although significantly different for both age levels, is that they can be whoever they want for the day. Maybe it’s a school dance, (our school does theme dances like glow in the dark and 80s), or a Friday night football game, a trip to the mall or movies, concerts, or just a night in with a group of girls. Whatever it is, these wigs, created by a team of passionate hair extension experts dedicated to providing the highest quality human hair extensions, synthetic lace wigs and more, are worth that smile. abHair offers the everyday consumer the chance to look and feel like a million dollars without breaking the bank.

Next up, I think mom (me) will buy her own clip ins or maybe I need the Pageant hair! 


Special thanks to abHair for the wigs that helped facilitate our review.