Ayala’s Herbal Water Review & Giveaway – Winner Announced


Untitled-TrueColor-01Untitled-TrueColor-02As part of our 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge, I will be bringing you reviews of healthy choice alternatives.  I am so pleased to bring you Ayala’s Herbal Water!  This water is like nothing logo-newI have ever tasted before.  It is so incredibly wonderful, refreshing, crisp, fragrant, clean and ohhhh so tasty!  If you can be in love with water than I definitely am in love with Ayala’s Herbal Water!  But this isn’t just any water, this water comes from an Artesian Well in Virginia, which is purified and infused with herbal extracts.  NO Sugar, NO Sweeteners, NO artificial flavorings, NO calories, NO preservatives just bursting with freshly flavored water and herbal goodness in every sip!

The first water I tried was Lavender Mint.  I opened it but was only going to drink a little so that the rest of the family could try it too.  However, with each yummy sip I kept thinking, “this is so good”!  “I’ll just have a little more, this is definitely going to be my favorite!”  The next thing I knew the bottle


was empty, but I forgot to get rid of the evidence.  So when the girls got home from school Hanna spotted the bottle right away and the conversation went like this – “OHHHH Mom can I have some of that?  That’s the one I really wanted to try.”  Oops!  “Well sorry sweetheart, Mommy guzzled that one down already heh…  It wasn’t really… well it’s just not… well okay, actually it was so delicious that I couldn’t put it down!”  “Mom you couldn’t even save me a little?” “Well, no apparently I couldn’t… but next time I will let you try some!”

Just take a look at these ingredients and tell me this doesn’t sound like something you would horde accidentally drink the whole bottle of yourself:

Lavender (Lavandula)
Lavender is a Mediterranean plant, long and widely valued for its clean, fresh and wonderful scent. The fragrant flower buds have a slightly sweet and elegant floral flavor.

Mint (Mentha viridis)
The Mentha family is made up of many species. In this beverage we chose spearmint for its refreshing quality and distinctive aroma.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
Native to southern Asia, lemongrass is an important herb in south Asian cuisine. Calming and relaxing, lemongrass refreshes the palate with its citrusy, flowery aroma.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
Thyme has a distinctive, penetrating, powerful yet delicate flavor, and has been used and enjoyed since ancient times. Thyme is an important flavor in French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish cuisines as well as many others.

If you close your eyes and put your feet up as you sip, you can almost expect that someone will be coming to complete that pedicure, it’s just that incredible!  Ayala’s Herbal Water makes you feel pampered, like you are doing something wonderful for yourself!


Each one seemed to be even more delicious than the last.  I think my favorite after trying all six flavors is the Ginger Lemon Peel, but it is so very hard to choose just one!

So who came up with this fabulous idea?  A woman by the name of Dr. Ayala (Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D.).  She is a pediatrician, a mom, a lifelong vegetarian and an artist.  Like all of us mom’s, Dr. Ayala was constantly searching for healthy ways to nourish her family. She started making these drinks at home using herbs from her garden. Her family and friends enjoyed her herbal waters so much, Dr. Ayala considered sharing them on a larger scale. She decided to start a company offering this unique and healthy alternative to sugary mainstream beverages.

I have always had a problem drinking flavored waters because they are just too sweet for me.  Not so with Herbal Water – I love, love, love these flavors!  They are unique, different and yet satisfyingly simple!  I am out of it right now and have been eyeing the juicer all day wondering…  a little ginger… a little lemon peel… maybe I could come up with something that would hold me over until my next shipment arrives – but I just don’t think so.

This is the first drink (I think in my entire life), that I prefer over soda!  Instead of automatically reaching for soda to drink, I now would much rather have Herbal Water, and I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything!

In my last 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge update post I spoke about the importance of water in our daily diets.  If you missed it, just click here to catch up!  We are so pleased that Ayala’s Herbal Water is sponsoring our 90 Day Fitness Challenge, by helping us to stay properly hydrated throughout the next 90 days.  Please take some time to check out their site and see the wonderful flavors they are offering!

Want to know where you can get Herbal Water?  You can order right from their site at www.herbalwater.com and if you live in the contigious USA, you even get free shipping!  You can also check the site here to find a retailer near you.


One of you will get to try all six wonderful flavors!  Ayala’s Herbal Water is offering a great giveaway to one lucky MommyPR reader!  Your Herbal Water Gift Pack will include a 6 pack herbal water sampler, a herbal water t-shirt and a reusable grocery tote!

Win it!!

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  1. I think I would like the Lavender ingredient best because it has a calming effect. So I would choose the lavender Mint Flavor. Thanks

  2. I love the fact that all ingredients are certified organic! I think I’d like the lemon peel best. The flavor I’d like to try is the lemongrass mint vanilla.

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