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Appliance Art are designer magnetic and adhesive appliance covers that will turn your dishwasher or refrigerator into a work of art.  Appliance Art is available in over 300 designs to match any kitchen design scheme.  Its even available in Instant Stainless Steel.  Appliance Art is made in USA and provides a cost effective solution to upgrading appliances.  Don’t replace, re-face it with Appliance Art!

When I seen the call for reviews for something called Appliance Art, I was actually excited. Its the little things that can brighten up my day I swear. I like my fridge, but my dish washer is white and plain and to me, its an eyesore next to my black fridge. I could not believe the selection Appliance Art had. It was rather hard to choose if I wanted scenery, flowers, animals, etc. I finally thought, you know the kids color me so much stuff why not just get them a chalk board.  Let the kids color your world with these cute chalk board panels.

Perfecto! I chose the magnet version over the vinyl just because I felt moving from place to place it would be easier to take with us. (The Vinyl ones are reusable though.) Here is mine!

It’s a little long but I don’t want to cut it because I am weird and keep thinking the next dishwasher might be bigger haa. I like it though and the kids really enjoy being able to color on moms appliances.

It is pretty thick, which I was happy about because I thought it was going to be some super thin flimsy piece and it wasn’t.

I thought that Appliance Art was an easy fun way to change up your kitchen, and cheaper!

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