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Have you heard of ANSR?  They are a skin care brand that utilizes phototherapy to rejuvenate the skin, improving texture,minimizing fine lines and fighting acne breakouts.  They have two systems and I am currently testing out the skin rejuvenation system and will be posting my review and and a giveaway for that system next week!

But ANSR also wants to introduce their Acne Care System to MommyPR readers that may have a need for controlling acne!


Here is some information about their system taken from their website:

ANSR’s scientifically proven, phototherapy technology concentrates narrow spectrum’s of blue and red light waves to kill acne bacteria and stimulate production of new skin cells. Combined with the ANSR proprietary topical lotions, ANSR effectively treats and prevents acne blemishes, while healing the skin surface of redness and roughness. Try it and see results within weeks.

Clinically proven technology based on the science of penetrating light waves. Used in dermatology offices worldwide, this powerful technology is now available for home use in a small, rechargeable device called the ANSR: BEAM. It’s a safe, effective treatment for acne blemishes without harsh or dangerous side effects.

Do you suffer from Acne or no someone who does?

If you have acne, you’re not alone. Acne affects 80% of teenagers and more than 35% of adult women. For adolescents, severe acne can be a devastating condition causing confidence and self-esteem to plummet. Many teens withdraw from social situations and find it painful to interact with others, adding isolation to an already challenging phase of life. Options for treatment can be harsh to the skin, expensive, minimally effective, and in some cases, leave users with severe side effects, thus adding insult to injury.

Studies point to hormones as the culprit behind acne’s development in teens and adults. In women, acne outbreaks are linked to monthly menstrual cycles when hormone imbalance is high. Teenagers traveling through puberty experience spikes in the male hormone, androgen, which is present in varying amounts in both males and females. Androgen stimulates the enlargement of sebaceous glands housed in hair follicles.


This hormonal stimulus causes an increased production and thickening of oily sebum. Excess sebum becomes infected with bacteria causing clogged pores to become inflamed and swollen, resulting in a pimple. Infected sebum backs up and creates pressure, causing the pimples to burst. The ensuing mixture of bacteria, oil and dead skin cells spreads to surrounding skin and clogs up more hair follicles, and the acne cycle is reignited.

Heredity plays a role in acne. Parents who suffered with acne as teenagers are likely to have children that will struggle with bad skin. The more severe the condition in parents, the higher the probability that the child’s acne will also be severe.

Stress is still being debated for its role in the development or exacerbation of acne. The relationship remains unclear. Some doctors point to antidepressant medications as being responsible for acne, rather than undue stress that may lead to depression.

Myths regarding poor hygiene and consumption of greasy or sugary foods as causes of acne have persevered yet have not been proven to be true. Acne is a stubborn condition brought on by a complex combination of hormonal variations and hereditary factors and it demands a consistent, effective skin care routine to break its tenacious hold.

So how does ANSR help?  Their system utilizes the same penetrating light waves that have been used in dermatology offices worldwide.  This system is now available to you for home use.

You can purchase the Acne Starter Kit directly on ANSR’s website.

Acne starter kit – $185

ANSR BEAM is a hand-held, rechargeable photo therapy device that is designed to help fight acne blemishes and rejuvenate the skin. The kit includes the BEAM, charger, PREP cleanser, DAY acne lotion and NIGHT acne gel.

Would you like a chance to win your own Acne Starter Kit? ANSR is giving one lucky MommyPR reader a chance to win it!!

How can you win?

Go to ANSR and look around their site and then come back and tell us something you learned from their site and who would be using this kit.
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  1. “Used in dermatology offices worldwide, this powerful technology is now available for home use in a small, rechargeable device called the ANSR: BEAM. It’s a safe, effective treatment for acne blemishes without harsh or dangerous side effects.” I would give this to one of my teenagers.

  2. I learned that ANSR Prep is essential to prepare skin for blue and red light waves to penetrate the level to effect healing. I would be using this kit.

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