All Year Fun with GIANTmicrobes!

GIANTmicrobes is a toy company, founded by Drew Oliver. They make designer plush stuffed toys that resemble microbes, including human pathogens such as E. coli , STDs, vaccinations and common colds. The toys are 5 to 7 inches and based off electron micrographs of the real microbes (not necessarily the color), but the toys represent an approximate million-fold magnification of the actual organisms. These can serve as wonderful education toys or just collector items for nurses, doctors, and biologist. 

For mother’s day, you can give your mom the cutest brain cell and heart! 

Or maybe a brain cell for your graduate? “Celebrate graduation with our signature Brain Cell plush donning a graduation cap and tassel!” (By the way, it’s affordable too, only $7.95!)

There are lots of great theme boxes too. Ocean Dwellers, Ancient Plagues and more. Theme boxes are $23.95 and come with several plushes. Here is an example:

 “Organs are amazing! Your skin is the largest and weighs 6 lbs. Your powerful heart pumps enough blood to fill a football stadium. Your pancreas lets you enjoy the sweet life. Your liver performs over 500 functions! So use your brain and get this remarkable gift box collection.

Organ Cells themed gift box includes these mini microbes: Brain Cell, Liver Cell, Skin Cell, Heart Cell and Beta Cell (Insulin).”

GIANTmicrobes are producing new toys nearly every 6 weeks so you can keep on collecting! Need something that makes a statement or surprise though? Some of their most popular designs are available in GIGANTIC size! Approximately 15-20″ varying by style! Or the XL GIANTmicrobes, now available! Approximately 10 to 15″ varying by style. 


GIANTmicrobes is an educational gift company that develops and markets health, science and nature products. Since its founding in 2002, GIANTmicrobes has introduced more than 400 products based on microorganisms, cells, vitamins and other biological concepts – a millions times actual size!  With distribution in over 30 countries, the GIANTmicrobes brand is loved by students, scientists, teachers, health professionals & anyone with a healthy sense of humor. Humorous, educational, collectible and fun, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with E.coli or play with a stuffed waterbear and red blood cell?

I am in love with GIANTmicrobes. I have my stash on my car dashboard. I am sure people look at them creepy haa. I can’t wait to collect them all and have them displayed in my office soon! 


GIANTmicrobes sent me various plushies in exchange for my review.