Affordable Buzzers: 10 Player Hand-Held Buzzer System

I received the buzzer system to help facilitate my review.

My son was on his Academic Olympic school team for the first time this year. Throughout the school year the students practiced for the big event and I realized we didn’t have a hand-held buzzer system so I started researching and found the perfect solution from Affordable Buzzers, the 10 Player Hand-Held Buzzer System.

Each system includes the following components:

POWER GRIP Hand-held buzzers – feature a no-slip design that feels great in your hand and strangely empowering! Easy operation with either your thumb or trigger finger. Molded from ABS plastic, our Power Grip buzzers are made to last. An RCA phono jack in the tail of the buzzer makes cable connections easy and storage convenient. Cables themselves are made with factory molded RCA phono plugs assuring maximum durability. 10′ cables standard, 25′ cables upgrade available at checkout. Power Grip buzzers are also available in a wireless version.

No “starter kit” nonsense here. Your Affordable Buzzer system comes with 10 player capability and 10 hand-held buzzers and is ready to go! It’s a party in a box just waiting for you to fire up our free Easy Quizsoftware or your own compatible software such as Game Show Presenter for the ultimate quiz game experience.

Computer interface box – the heart of your Affordable Buzzers system. Its unique, compact, reliable design assures maximum compatibility with both your computer hardware and game show software. The phono jacks used for the game buzzer connections are the most rugged style available and are time tested for years of reliable service. The USB interface works with both Windows and MAC – no drivers needed. 6′ USB cable standard, USB extender cables available. (Our system also works with Game Show Presenter or any quiz game software that recognizes the number keys 1-10 and provides a buzzer lock-out function.)

FREE Easy Quiz Software for your Windows PC or MAC facilitates verbal quizzes so you can use your system for any last minute event. Our free Easy Quizsoftware uses your computer to enter player names, display the first player to buzz-in, then optionally displays a cheerful “Right!” screen for the right answer, or the dreaded “Wrong!” screen for a wrong answer. It’s fast, simple and loads of fun!

FREE Carry Sack – To seal the deal, we’ll include this roomy carry sack for your buzzer lock-out system. The top opens fully to allow easy loading of all your game gear. This handy carry sack keeps everything together and ready for your next quiz game event. Yep – it’s even big enough for all 10 “Big Daddy” Team Play buzzers and the interface box.

My take (the Parent’s review): Watching the competition at the end of the season, I quickly realized the value of having a buzzer system. The immediate ability to buzz in and see your name on the screen gives the kids such a thrill as well as using the buzzers.

A teacher’s review: This setup is very intuitive and is very nice. The system
requires a free download from the company website and works with the buzzer system immediately! Buzzers are easy for students to use with a nice red button. The cords for the student buzzers are really long which is helpful for team play as well. I particularly appreciate including a bag for
storing the system as well!