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The one goal in mind for any good shelter is to find a loving home for cats and dogs in desperate need of one. Could your home be that loving home? Even for no-kill shelters, these places are but a temporary refuge.

A good animal sanctuary sees that all animals are as comfortable, well fed and healthy as possible, however, what these dear animals need is a safe and loving forever home with a pet parent who can give them the care and attention only a best friend can give. Only a full-time family can give an animal the well-deserved tender loving care such a social creature needs. A good adoption counselor will work with you to help you find the perfect furry friend for life.

What are Some Good Reasons for Adopting?

So, why adopt? Why not? This infographic will give you ten wonderful reasons to get your next pet at a shelter. The following reasons will hopefully convince you to help curb animal overpopulation by choosing to be the kind and responsible companion for a homeless animal that desperately needs you. If you have room in your life to open your home to an animal who needs one, you are strongly encouraged to do so. You’ll be saving a life and getting a best friend! 

While many shelters do all they can to keep animals safe, healthy and happy, they do have limited resources and realize that every dog and cat would be much happier with a loving family. Adopting a dog from a shelter would free it to better look after the many more homeless animals that need their attention. Contrary to popular belief, many animal shelters take the time to see to it that every animal is healthy and well-behaved enough to be a fun and friendly family pet.  

Need More Reason to Adopt?

On the occasion that such places do get an animal with health or behavior problems, they will do all they can to solve this issue. Please, don’t support the kitten and puppy mills that abuse innocent animals. Save your money and a helpless animal’s life by adopting. Encourage your family and friends to adopt as well. The more people who adopt pets, the fewer strays there are suffering in need of a home. An animal provides unconditional love and they want nothing more than to be your friend. Many people looking for a pet may have a preference for a pure breed; however, mixed-breeds tend to be hardier and more long-lived, thus often displaying the best traits of all the breeds they’re descended from.

Just think about bringing home a beautiful cat, naming her and showing her around your house. She will get a warm home and most importantly a loving family. Or if you are a dog person just imagine providing a loving family to a shelter pooch! The dog will show you love for the rest of her life and all she will want in return is a loving hand to pet her and a safe, warm house to live in.

We live in a magnificent, beautiful world full of wonders, but its streets are no place for a dog or cat to roam about with no food, shelter or protection. It takes a kindhearted and caring person to provide a home for an animal with no place else to go. Won’t you please express your loving kindness by adopting a cat or dog in need today? Everyone would really appreciate it if you would!

Guest article by Mary Nielsen

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