A Mom’s Guide to Decorating a Kid’s Room

Once your kids are between 3 and 10 years old, they’re officially old enough that room decoration matters, but they aren’t quite ready to decorate their own rooms yet. Mommy comes to the rescue. Your job as a mom is to decorate the room for your kids, while simultaneously getting their input on how they want their room to look.
Ideally you’ll be able to gradually train them to make more and more of their decisions on their own, until they’re driving the bus more than you are.

If you’re starting a room design from scratch, involve your kids right from the beginning. What kind of beds should they get? Do they want wood or metal beds? If you have two kids, should you get a full over full bunk bed, or two beds side by side?
Then move on to the bedding selection. Your kids will have a blast choosing the kids of sheets and pillow cases they get to have on their new beds. Will it be red with dinosaurs all over? Or perhaps a more Barbie-oriented design if you have a little girl. See if you can explain to your kids how to make their bed sheets fit into the rest of your home’s design.
Then comes other major pieces of furniture, like shelves and wardrobes. Again, get your child’s input, but you need to make the final call. Try to get your child to understand how to match similar materials and colors to create a nice seamless look to the room.
When it comes time to move the furniture in, ask for your child’s input on where things should go. Should the beds go along the back wall? Or should they be on the side wall, facing the window? Should the drawers be next to the bed or across the room?
Since these decisions can often be changed later, it’s usually fine to just gently nudge your kids in one direction or another but let them make the final decision.
Once all the major pieces are in place, then it’s time for the finishing touches. You might do this for your kids at first when they’re younger, but as they get older they’ll want to decorate their room on their own. Finishing touches might include posters on the wall, lighting and fixtures, family photos and so on.
Decorating your child’s room can be an extremely fun exercise for both mother and child. It can be a bonding experience that feels like a game rather than a chore. Make sure to involve your child at every step and use it as an opportunity to spur enthusiasm about the new room.


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