90 Day Fitness Challenge- Slim In 6 : Update #3


This week has come and gone, and so has my determination for this weight loss LOL. I stepped on the scale and i gain ANOTHER 5 pounds. This is why i never diet or bought a scale LOL. I still am in my feeling guilty stage.

I kind of slacked this week due to my guilty feeling  and seeing the scale go UP is defiantly not the way i want to go. Bu one thing i did not slack on was my eating habits. Ok yes i did have a slice of cheesecake lol, but i bought some premade meals and stayed on the Herbal Water as well. I am just loving that Ginger and Lemon Peel!

This week i will be doing the Burn It Up on Slim In 6, i hope that with this last dvd, i feel and see a difference. mainly see LOL.


Well i cried, i did my whole “there has to be a logical reason i am gaining” spill. So i turned to the lovely Chloe again for some questions :

I was told when i got my tubes tied that i would gain weight from then on. Is that true, or is there some truth to that? and if so WHY??

To be honest I’ve tried researching this and cannot find any hard facts as to why this happens, but my guess would be something with your hormones- maybe they’re a bit thrown off and therefore causing and influx in weight. I would ask your doctor for an explanation… in the mean time- I’ll keep researching this and let you know what I find out.

When a woman starts her period, how much do we gain, or do we gain during that time? Because i feel like a freaking cow when i start and its during this time when im trying to lose so i look down and i see this bulge for a week LOL!!

You may very well notice fluctuation in your weight during your menstruation, or every day for that matter. This is nothing to be concerned about and is only temporary from water retention and cravings for increased calories.  No worries- this won’t prevent weight loss.  It’s merely a temporary physiological change.

Are pre-made frozen foods ok? I bought 6 Lean Cuisine meals to try. Are those ok for us??

Yes and no.  Yes Lean Cuisines and the like are ok because it’s a set portion of food and therefore you can keep track of the calories/fat/carbs/fiber (etc) you’re consuming, however I wouldn’t rely on those for an everyday meal.  Eating natural and fresh foods is always better.  You can also cook up some chicken or turkey, veggies, and brown rice and portion it out into a few small containers and keep them in the freezer (like your very own lean cuisine)- them pop them in the microwave when you’re hungry.  This way you know what’s in them and you can use fresh and natural ingredients. Many time lean cuisines and the like have high sodium (as do most processed foods)- which may help diminish your water retention during your menstruation J.  Overall- they’re definitely ok for the once in a while type meal and probably better than eating out, but just don’t rely on them for every day.

Oh and how can i not feel guilty about eating? I feel like i don’t want to eat because it will set me back on my goal.

Don’t feel guilty about eating- feel guilty if you don’t!  Your body needs fuel to function and can only get that from consuming food/calories.  Eat healthy foods and know that it’s what your body needs- look for fiber, dark colored fruits and veggies (such as berries, tomatoes, red and orange bell peppers,  blueberries, etc which have great vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants), whole grains, lean meats, and so forth.  Eating small amounts frequently throughout the day is a great way to keep your metabolism going and never overeat.

Let me know if you have any more questions… I’ll keep looking into your questions about gaining weight after your tubes were tied- I see that so many women have this happen, but can’t find a physiological reason… there’s one out there somewhere.


I have to thank Herbal Water for the awesome water they are providing. I really am loving the flavors i have more and more. Once you get it ICEEEE cold, oh man you can guzzle it like mad LOL. I was going to do onbe bottle a meal, but seems i find myself drinking them straight throughout the day. I actually completely took tea out of my diet! No pop, no tea, no juice. Just water!! (Of course i have a splurge day were i have one glass of something else.) But the water has this slight taste so it feels like your drinking more than water.

Anyone who can leave lil tidbits of info are welcome. :-)

Special Thank You to Beach Body, Slim In 6, Chloe at NW Physique and Ayala’s Herbal Water.


You can see more of our results, and progress by clicking HERE. :-)

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  1. Thank you for writing this. It kills me to watch people popping microwave dinners in and thinking that they are dieting. There is no substitute for cooking your own healthy, unprocessed food.

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