90 Day Fitness Challenge- Slim In 6 : Update #2


My second week started with a 48 min intense workout. I combined the 30 min hard core Cardio DVD with it as well (it comes with your Slim In 6). I tell you my eyes were popping straight out of my head because i was so dizzy and hot. My body does feel better. I can feel how awesome my stomach feels. But i am going to be straight up honest on 1 issue i have. After working out like that, i feel guilty when i eat. I feel like I’m putting myself back a step. I try to make a fruit smoothing every single night BEFORE dinner, so that it fills me up and i wont eat as much as normally. But then if i have pizza, or pasta i feel like, man now i have to work to get this yummy stuff off double time.


I did ask Chloe some questions about this and here was the Convo:

What bread is best to eat and which should i stay away from. : Go for breads that are very dense and have whole seeds/grains in them. For example if you were to see a loaf of cracker wheat and a loaf of 10 grain and seed bread that was covered and filled with tons of seeds, go for the seedy one! That’s going to be closer to a ‘whole’ food, provide more fiber, and give you less of a ‘spike’ in your blood sugar compared to soft, fluffy white or wheat breads. Quick tip: if you’re eating something sweet like French toast or pancakes, add blueberries or other fruit for increased fiber, which kind of slows the ‘spike’ in blood sugar… this is helpful in preventing and/or treating diabetes.
What can i eat that is light in the mornings since i do not eat breakfast. : Fruit smoothies, yogurt with fruit (look for yogurt without a lot of additives such as artificial sweeteners and sugar, etc), egg white omelets, a small bowl of cereal, a few slices of deli meat (such as turkey or ham), a cup of coffee/tea, glass of OJ, or maybe just a piece of toast and a slice of fruit. Anything is better than nothing, as it will give your brain ‘energy’ and jump start your metabolism!
I love Pasta, Pizza and Wings, what should i look for in those 3.:  Should i stay away or just go light? Go for whole wheat pastas and slightly undercook them/cook them al a dente (remember the ‘less’ processed a food is the better- not that you should eat it uncooked…. But you get the idea J) Also, when you cook pasta, throw in a bunch of veggies and maybe some lean ground turkey- then you have that yummy pasta taste and texture but along with veggies and meat. As for pizza, order it without cheese and pepperoni. Go for chicken, veggie, or the Canadian ham/bacon versions. Eliminating the cheese and high fat pepperoni/sausage will cut TONs of calories and fat! Or better yet, make your own pizza with a whole wheat crust, lots of fresh veggies, and a light amount of skim cheese (if you like cheese) such as mozzarella. As for wings, try cooking some chicken yourself and dip it in the wing sauce. Or, if you love that fried crisp and flavor, fry your own chicken by lightly breading it with whole wheat flour and bread crumbs and broil it or cook it in a frying pan with a light coat of oil or grape see oil (look up some recipes online) then smother some buffalo wing sauce on it (if that’s the type of wings you’re referring to).

What kind of portions should i do?? Sometimes i feel i could eat a whale out of house and home lol and other days i can barely compete with a mouse. : To be honest this can vary from person to person, however in general your best bet is about 6-7 small meals a day. For example, a meal may be an egg white omelet with some diced fresh veggies and a cup of coffee, another meal could be a piece of fruit and a handful of raw almonds (about 10 almonds) and a glass of water, or a homemade sandwich (with onions b/c I know you love onions J) and some veggie sticks/fruit/milk. It may almost feel as though you’re ‘snacking’ all day long, but eating every hour or two is great for many reasons. For one, it keeps your metabolism going- our bodies are very smart and always working for ‘survival’. If you don’t eat for a long period of time, your body can go into starvation mode and ‘conserve’ calories rather than spend them.Another benefit of eating 6 or so small meals every couple of hours is that it prevents you from feeling ‘starving’ and in turn making poor meal choices and over eating. Plus, it’s always smart to have some snacks on hand in your purse, and you’ll always have a healthy option and never have to resort to vending machines and fast food.
What kinds of meat are good? : lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, salmon, lean red meats (occasionally). For example, Salmon is great for the calcium and omega-3’s- always a good choice. Things to avoid- cured meats such as salami, pepperoni, too much ham, marble steaks (with a lot of fat), breaded/deep fried meats, etc. Also, don’t cook foods until they get charred and black- that black stuff isn’t too good for us. Baking, stir frying in a light amount of olive oil or grape seed oil, grilling, and boiling in water are all great ways to cook your meats!
Do you have any healthy alternatives to those “comfort” foods?:  Instead of mashed potatoes or french fries have baked potatoes, boiled red potatoes, or diced potatoes and fry them in a light amount of oil with some cayenne or salt and pepper to taste or some fresh lemon and garlic. Instead of fried foods- bake your meats and put some tasty spices/rubs on them for flavor- you can cook them on the grill and still get a little of that crisp! Ice cream- go for frozen yogurt. Lasagna- make your own with a la dente cooked whole wheat noodles and lean ground turkey instead of ground beef and light amounts of cheese and extra veggies. Instead of hamburgers- maybe burger patty’s with lean ground turkey- you can add in some onions and spices for flavor- then maybe skip the bun or use only half a bun (whole wheat) and load up on salad, black beans, or corn! Think of the ‘comfort’ foods you like, and think about how you can make it at home, what ingredients you can eliminate (such as no mayo or cheese) or thing of things you can substitute such as lean ground turkey versus ground beef, etc.


So we will see how i can change a tad bit and add more better choices along the way. I did break down and have an Almond Joy. I don’t think a piece of chocolate tasted so good as that one did LOL.

I too am drinking some of the Herbal Water. I was able to test all 6 flavors and i realllly like the Lemongrass Mint Vanilla and the Lemon Peel & Ginger. But the 3rd one i like is Cinnamon and Orange Peel. I was unsure because of cinnamon, but that orange peel is a great side to it.  Plus there is ZERO everything in these bad boys lol. Calories, Fat, Sodium, Carbs, Sugars, Protien- all ZERO! I figure i will drink 1 with every meal. And when i make my smoothies i can mix that in instead of a juice. So it will be a really healthy drink.

So an update on my weight and sizes. I am still the same size in Inches, but sadly i gained 5 pounds (hence why i feel horrible when i eat). I know alot of other moms feel like this on a daily basis so that does comfort my thoughts than what i feel is normal. But i really hope to try harder and get on this wagon faster.

Anyone who can leave lil tidbits of info are welcome. 🙂

Special Thank You to Beach Body, Slim In 6, Chloe at NW Physique and Ayala’s Herbal Water.



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  1. Dont get too discouraged that you gained weight. . . most people gain weight before they start losing. . . you are gaining muscle be proud! 🙂

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