90 Day Fitness Challenge – P90X Update #2


So how you you all doing?  Are you working on making healthier choices for your life?

Do you worry about your health?  Want to get in shape, but just don’t seem to be motivated?  What is it that stands between you and good health?

For me it was time.  I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done and to try to add healthy cooking and exercise into the mix just wasn’t happening.  So what changed?  Nothing… nothing except a decision that I needed to make taking care of myself a priority.  I need to be healthy for my kids, for my husband and to be able to handle the same daily stresses that effect all of us each and every day in these hard economic times.  I was feeling very stressed, unhealthy and knew I was losing my normally positive attitude.  I needed to do something, and it needed to be big.

That’s why I choose P90X for my fitness makeover.  It has been 1 week and during the first week I have worked my body harder than I can remember doing for many years!  My workouts are pretty much an hour a day or more and they are intense!  I can’t even do all of the reps or exercises on any of the workouts yet, but I sure did a lot better on Monday’s workout than I did last week.  I was a little stronger, a little faster and able to last longer in each exercise.  It is progress!  You know what else?  I was shocked when I weighed myself during my fitness test because I had not stepped on a scale for a very long time.  I told myself that I would not weigh again until my 30 day update.  BUT the scale was calling me and so I obliged…  and to my great surprise I lost 6.5 lbs my first week!  I am thrilled, but know that I have still such a long way to go. 

After the first couple of workouts I started to develop muscle cramps.  I am pretty sure this was because I was having a very hard time drinking the recommended amount of water.  The water consumption guidelines relating specifically to my P90X workouts is: 

P90X Hydration Schedule:

  • 12 oz water two hours prior to exercise
  • 8 – 12 oz water 15 to 20 minutes prior to exercise
  • 4-8 oz water ever 15 minutes during exercise.


I was having a really hard time drinking this much water until I received my first case of Ayala’s Herbal Water.  I am now drinking about three bottles during my workouts which range from 60 to 90 minutes every day-and no more leg or foot cramps!  I am so appreciative that  Ayala’s Herbal Water is sponsoring our 90 Day Fitness Challenge by keeping Angela, Andrea and myself hydrated for our workouts!  This water is amazing with wonderful refreshing herbal flavors that I just love!  I am super excited because very soon I will be posting a review of Ayala’s Herbal Water telling all the things I love about this product, along with a fabulous giveaway for you!  Be sure to hop on over to their site while you are waiting for that review.

If you are not ready to jump into a big change, but want to make healthier choices, then your water consumption is a great place to start!  Water makes up about two-thirds of our bodies which means that it is the most important nutrient.  Water is only beverage that really quenches thirst, other beverages only relieve thirst relative to the amount of water they have in them.   Vegetables and fruit are a great way to supplement your water intake since they consist of about 90% water, in a form that is very easy for the body to use (plus you get the added benefit of the vital minerals and vitamins they contain).

As far as the diet goes, the P90X Nutrition Plan has been pretty easy to follow.  I really like that there are two different options that you can follow.  For people that need to be told exactly what to eat there is the meal plan approach, for those of you that want to plan your own meals you can use the portion approach.  I am using a combination of both and feel like I am eating way more food than I normally do.  I am full most of the time but find that when I do get hungry – I am intensely hungry right away.  It helps for me to plan out what I will eat ahead of time and am still adjusting the times to eat that will best fit my busy schedule.

Overall with only one week completed, I am very pleased with the program I am following.  I will admit to being somewhat envious of Andrea and her 10 Minute Trainer routine when I am doing the flopping  fish dreaded superman – banana move, but I just remind myself that if I hadn’t ignored my health this long I could be doing the 10 Minute Trainer too!

Remember you can jump in any time – I want you to!  Lets all do this together.  Check out Beachbody’s full line of workouts, surly there will be something there for you or maybe you have an old program somewhere around the house – dust it off and lets get going!

You can follow Beachbody on Twitter and find them on Facebook.

A special thanks to our new sponsor Ayala’s Herbal Water – my new favorite drink!



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