90 Day Fitness Challenge – P90X Day 1


I spent some time this weekend getting ready to start our 90 Day Fitness Challenge.  I had to do some grocery shopping, which drew several moans, groans and complaints from the kids when they saw that the only things going in the cart were fruits, vegetables and other healthy food choices.  I had prepped them ahead of time, but apparently talking about it and seeing it are two very different things.  As a side note – why is it that healthy foods are so much more expensive than the processed, unhealthy alternatives?

Then we had to take the “Fit Test”.  The whole family wanted to take it so we did it together today (Sunday).  I will tell you that I was a little worried when I read through the P90X information and found out that you needed to complete a fitness test first.  I thought I might fail, but thankfully (I think) I passed!  Now I’m not saying I passed with flying colors mind you, but I squeaked by for the most part.  The jumping jacks though – ugh!!!!  Two minutes of jumping jacks and you have to do them at a “sprint” for the last 30 seconds.   Sometimes, two minutes can seem endless…  You don’t have to count the number of jumping jacks but at the end you have to finish the test “standing and able to breathe”.  I finished (not with the best form) and I was standing but “sucking air” might be a better description for what I was doing than simply breathing  (I am telling you this so that you have a good idea of where I am starting from).  I can’t help but wonder if I am sucking air after two minutes of jumping jacks, how am I going to complete the one hour workout in the morning?

After the fitness test, we did our starting measurements and took the before pictures.  I will post the before pictures for you to see when I post my first 30 day progress pictures.  I sure hope there is a noticeable difference!  Taking the before pictures was not fun, well at least not for me.   My husband seemed to enjoy it though because when he got done taking the pictures he just stood there looking at me.  Apparently seeing me in my workout clothes made him half crazy because I realized while I was standing there thinking “just take the pictures quick and be done”  he was thinking something entirely different.  I don’t know why I am even surprised!

Anyway, back to the actual subject… There are three options for the P90X.  The P90X Classic, P90X Doubles and The P90X Lean.  I am going to be following the P90X Lean which includes more cardio and less resistance for maximum weight loss.

My workout for Day 1 is called Core Synergistics.  Core Synergistics incorporates cardio, stretching and resistance to strengthen the core muscles.  This is included in the program description “By strengthening your core, you’ll be more prepared to tackle the resistance and cardio moves throughout this program, while reducing the chance of injury.”  This sounds good and I see that the workout takes 57:27.  I am writing this Sunday night and will update the rest before I post once I have completed my very first P90X workout.  Incidentally my brother is on his second time through the P90X and is even completing the P90X Doubles this time.  The first time through he lost 40 lbs and I am really hoping for similar results!  He tells me that the workout will not kill me… I will let you know!

Post workout update – Monday 9/14.

Okay, I did the first workout and made it through (kind of) and I am still alive lol!  My brother was right about that…  I’m not sure I was able to actually do the same exercises as the four on the DVD were doing.  They were rolling around all controlled and muscular looking while for some reason I feel like I resembled more of a desperate fish that has found herself out of water. Ahem…  Next time I will remember the name of that particular exercise!  I think I must have worked some muscles though because I can already feel a bit of soreness coming on.  It should be interesting after I spend the next 6 hours or so seated at my desk!

Want to know what I got to have for breakfast?  Mushroom Omelet (with 8 egg whites), 1 cup strawberries and 12 oz. Cottage Cheese.  Now it is already time for the Protein Bar and Recovery Drink.  For lunch I get a Chef Salad and the dinner (which I will have to adjust) is 8 oz Salmon, Asparagus, Wild rice  and even two cups of red pepper soup!  It seems like more food than I usually eat – I know the breakfast sure was.

All in all I would say that today this seems like something I can do.  I mean I’m going to do it regardless and I am really looking forward to being able to keep up with the super fit looking people in the video.  I did find myself talking back to  Mr. Tony Horton a time or two, but I think he might forgive me for that.  Also, I am not really sure that the time to bring up food is during the cool down when you are bending over and doing something called stir the pot.  I mean really, who thinks food is appealing after you just spent 55 minutes wondering why you ever ate in the first place.  Pasta sauce is part of the reason I got this way, lets not discuss it right when some people are wondering if they should have included a bucket on the equipment needed list. Yeah.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Beachbody for providing the P90X for my fitness challenge!  If you are thinking that it is time to take control of your health and fitness habits, be sure to check them out.  They have so many different workout plans available and they are sure to have one that fits your style!  If you are joining in, let me know how you did today!






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